Fabolous & Rosa Acosta Trade In-Flight Twitter Jokes, “I’m Gonna Try To Get A Sleep TwitPic”

Fabolous & Rosa Acosta Trade In-Flight Twitter Jokes, “I’m Gonna Try To Get A Sleep TwitPic”

New York rapper Fabolous and model Rosa Acosta traded jokes on Twitter while traveling on the same airplane on Monday morning.

Fab is well known for kidding around the social network. 

“@RosaAcosta is on the same flight back 2 NYC wit me.. I’m gonna try 2 get a sleep twitpic.. Catch her mouth wide open & drooling #StayTuned,” he told followers. “#random @RosaAcosta t*tties keep staring at my eyes Excuse me stewardess, Can u bring me 1 of @RosaAcosta’s t*tties for a pillow? #ThirstClass LoL If we hav to make a emergency landing, I’m definitely using @RosaAcosta t*tties as a flotation device or inflatable life vest. Ok let me leave @RosaAcostaalone…” (Fabolous’ Twitter)

Rosa later picked up on the jokes and submitted her own playful Tweets.

“@myfabolouslife Bahahaha! I’m NOT taking you to Sofrito now !!!!! #facula @myfabolouslife #PillowBoobys lmao @myfabolouslife buahahah! LMAO Who wants to see a pic of @myfabolouslife sleeping and sucking his finger on the plane*?” (Rosa Acosta’s Twitter)

Last week, Fab went in on various entertainers with his “return” to Twitter.

” So I told yall I was gettin back on my Twitter sh*t 2day! I got a lil attitude at Twitter so 1st #TT gotta be #TellMeWhyUMad let’s go!,” he wrote Monday (March 22) afternoon. “#TellMeWhyUMad Cuz I’m Tiger Woods and I aint had no p*ssy since Late November! RT @itsmimibaby: #TellMeWhyUMad bcuz im Dawn Richards & that Dirty Money cd is NEVER coming out <—oh sh*t, I’m tellin diddy mimi! #TellMeWhyUMad I’m mad somebody aint stand up & say it was MINE & do that punk a** 8 months 4Lil Wayne #TellMeWhyUMad I’m mad cuz I’m Karrine Steffans aka “SuperHead and every dude I get wit really jus wanna know what HEAD hittin fo’! #TellMeWhyUMad I’m mad cuz I’m Kanye West & I aint came out the house since I pulled that sh*t witTaylor Swift lol #TellMeWhyUMad I’m Mad cuz I’m Mystikal & I was jus about 2 really blow til this b*tch said WE raped her.. #WatchYoSelf #Danger #TellMeWhyUMad Cuz I’m Fab & can get my tooth fixed whenever I choose to.. But ure ugly & can’t do sh*t about it! #BbmBlankFace Told yall I was back!!! Lol Did ya miss me!! Lol (Vernell from Martin show voice) (Fabolous’ Twitter)

Prior to the jokes, F-a-b-o explained his recent absence from the social networking site.

“A girl & her dude pulled up on me earlier & told me “Fab, u fell off on Twitter!” I was enjoyin my twitter break til I got told I “fell off”,” he wrote over the weekend. “The words “Fell Off” has caused me to come back.. Thanx#RandomChick.. So starting monday I will b the#BestThatEverTweeted again Alot of sh*t has been goin on that woulda been instant Fab#TT’s, that I let slide.. As of monday that is over!!! Alotta wreckless, messy, catty, subliminal, hatin, corny, namedrop, d*ckridin, boring, make urself seem famous/somebody tweets! #DEAD So #KnewUWasAGroupie is comin back harder than ever.. So is #CEFP & a new one #AskMeDoICare LoLhttp://myloc.me/52GaO RT @OceanSF: @myfabolouslife welcome back homey!!! <–Get ur ammo ready, we might hav 2 go 2 twitter war wit a few twiggas!” (Fabolous’ Twitter)

Check out a past Fabolous interview below:

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