Fabolous Reveals What Makes Him Work Harder Than Your Fave Rapper [Video]

Fabolous Reveals What Makes Him Work Harder Than Your Fave Rapper [Video]

Brooklyn rap veteran Fabolous recently discussed his sometimes overlooked contributions to the hip-hop game and why being underrated is a big motivator.

Although he does not fully understand it, Fab said getting considered underrated pushes him to work harder.

“I can’t call it man. I actually use it as something to help motivate me man,” said Fabolous when asked about being one of the most underrated in the game. “I think when you’re doing things for a long time you need to find challenges to keep you on your A-game and keep you working hard at it. So I use that as a challenge for me. If I don’t got everybody’s attention that makes me work harder to get other people’s attention and I think certain people get it, I don’t know why. I think everybody has gotten it to the point, ‘Yo Fab can rap,’ but I think somehow it just gets forgot. I don’t know if I’m not doing enough animated stuff, or drama, or reality shows, or whatever it takes nowadays. But I think people get that I can rap and they get that I represent it well and represent the city well as well.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Last year, female rapper Lady Luck crowned Fab SOHH Underrated.

“The reason I name Fab is because, look at how much he’s said and how crazy it’s been for the last 12 years. You know what I’m saying? Besides that, he’s constantly killing the rap game with albums, mixtapes, and he’s d*mn there mastered [the ability] to make songs for chicks and how to make songs for dudes. You know what I’m saying? I don’t feel like Fab gets the big, big credibility like he should. I understand he stays consistent, and to most that’s enough just to [maintain a place] in the forefront for as long as he has. But it’s been constantly and constantly. I’ve never heard a wack verse from Fab. I’ve heard some verses [from other artists] that weren’t as hot as the other ones, but Fab? I’ve never ever, ever heard a wack verse from Fab. And that’s hard.” (SOHH Underrated)

Dipset’s Freekey Zekey also previously crowned Fab SOHH Underrated.

“Fab stays spitting some other stuff. It’s a lot of singles types of records, but he doesn’t really get that “Ohhhhhhh, that’s nasty!” reaction with his music. I don’t hear that so much when it comes to Fabolous. Jadakiss is nice and everybody says he’s nasty with the rapping. You know what I’m saying? But I have to go with Fabolous for being my pick with SOHH Underrated and then my artist Sin City. He’s been all over Jim Jones’ songs and he does a lot of hooks and does a lot of joints.” (SOHH Underrated)

Back in 2011, Loso showered rap vet AZ with accolades and issued him an underrated nod.

“I grew up listening to AZ and Nas, you know, he’s one of the lyricists that I feel doesn’t get a lot of recognition, but I know a lot of people listened to him coming up,” Fab said in an interview referring to AZ. “His word play and the way he made words rhyme was particularly how I [modeled my word play]. I always paid attention to anybody who raps in a similar format, similar approaches to styles. Salute [to] AZ. I seen [him] a couple times in the supermarket, we both live in the same kind of neighborhood. I don’t want to disclose where he lives– I really don’t know where he lives — but, I seen him out at the supermarket before.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Fabolous’ interview:

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