Fabolous Reveals “Threats” Ended Soulja Boy Feud, “It’s Nothing Cool About That”

Fabolous Reveals “Threats” Ended Soulja Boy Feud, “It’s Nothing Cool About That”

New York rapper Fabolous has reflected on his recent Twitter feud with Soulja Boy Tell Em and said threats ultimately made the situation more serious than it should have been.

Fab said it was his decision to take matters into his hands before things became more complex.

“The only reason I really wanted to speak to him [was] because of the threats that was involved,” Fab said. “If you threaten me or someone threaten you, when you see them, you’re reacting off of the threat, probably. Then that could escalate into something else, which I really didn’t want, because Soulja Boy is 19, 20 years old and I’m grown. It’s nothing cool about that to me…I never threatened him, and for him to make threats, I wanted to see if this was [really him]…I wasn’t even sure if it was him at that point. I thought maybe somebody hacked his account. I just didn’t know of that Soulja Boy.” (MTV)

Last week, Fab took to Twitter and spoke on the feud coming to an end.

“I c yall still stuck on the soulja boy situation.. A couple jokes, & a lil bit of name calling is not BEEF, at least not where I come from,” he tweeted.

“Also whoever thinks its COOL for a 32 yr old 2 fight or talk tough to a 19 yr old on twitter is a LAME!”

“I may joke, make fun of situations, & start trending topics but I never call someone disrespectful names or made twitter threats” (Fabolous’ Twitter)

Appearing on New York radio personality DJ Clue‘s nightly show last week, Soulja Boy and Fab publicly ended their Twitter dispute.

“I thought that he was taking shots at me, when it was just jokes. It was a misunderstanding, a mis-communication,” Soulja Boy said on the radio on Wednesday night. “I’m about making money.” (All Hip Hop)

Fab added by saying how much buzz their issues created.

“We’re not trying to make a LeBron special…we smoothed it out and back to the money,” he said. “I know people thought it was going to be a [Manny] Pacquiao fight, but we sat down like bosses.” During the interview, DJ Clue said that the pair had exchanged information so that there would be no more misunderstandings. (All Hip Hop)

Check out Fabolous speaking on Soulja Boy Tell Em below:

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