Fabolous’ Pick For NCAA March Madness Tournament [Video]

Fabolous’ Pick For NCAA March Madness Tournament [Video]

[With the NCAA March Madness tournament just days away, SOHH’s speaking to diehard sports fanatics and former NCAA/NBA players to find out who they’re riding with this year. Today, sports head Fabolous speaks on the tournament.]

I like Gonzaga, man. They’re really balling.

I mean, they’ve got a solid squad all the way around. They also got a guy that’s really hooping, really, really well. I forgot his name, man, but he’s doing [his thing]. Toward the latter of the season, he’s been showing out a little bit more and that’s what you need going into the tournament.

It’s [about] having somebody that’s leading and taking the leadership role. You know?

Who’s going to give them the most trouble? Let me see. Who’s out there that could give them some trouble. Who’s going to give them some real trouble.

Yeah, [Indiana University] IU is looking aight. I did like Michigan at first, they ran into a little slump for a second. I like Duke. Duke was doing good. They just lost out of the conference tourney, there’s a couple guys that got some good squads though. Miami’s doing good. They got a good squad.

It’s really about who meets up with Gonzaga.

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Check out Fabolous interview with SOHH:

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