Fabolous On The Ins & Outs Of Twitter, “You Don’t Want To Seem Phony”

Fabolous On The Ins & Outs Of Twitter, “You Don’t Want To Seem Phony”

New York rapper Fabolous recently talked about having a prominent presence on Twitter and how he aims to influence his followers.

Currently promoting a Being Seen Being Green tour focused on ozone awareness, Fab pointed out how networks like Twitter can be utilized.

“You don’t want to seem phony,” Fab said in an interview. “You don’t want it to be seen as something you’re just doing as a promo event. At the same time you gotta tease it in there and give it to people gradually so they can know the importance of it – not just because we got the show coming. I definitely want to use Twitter as an influence. It’s a way to communicate with people without even touching them, without really directly touching anybody. To even go further than that they put out this thing called Retweet and they can retweet me to their timelines and people that may not even be following me can see the information we are giving about it.” (All Hip Hop)

Fab recently found himself defending his image after Jim Jones subliminally called him out on Twitter.

“I don’t know where his comment came from,” Fab said. “I joked around with it too. It was kinda subliminal. I think it’s definitely competition. But you can say things — it gets taken out of context whether you meant it as a joke or not. It could have been his opinion, but it still was thrown the way he threw it. It could have been taken in the context of you taking a shot at somebody. But I had fun with it, I made some jokes. That’s it. I’m not looking at it as I got a really big problem or East Coast/West Coast beef. I cracked a couple of jokes about it. I’m not making a diss record about it. The point I’m in, I’m focusing on career. I’m branded as an artist. I’m almost 10 years in the game. Twitter dissing isn’t important. My last mixtape states where I’m at — there is no competition. That’s on Twitter as well.” (MTV)

Jones later explained his own personal stance on Twitter.

Twitter’s a great platform for people to get things off they chest,” Jones explained in an interview. “You know me, I’m a little bit of an instigator sometimes, I like to stir confusion sometimes. I hope I don’t ruffle nobody’s feathers or panties or anything, sh*t like that man. We just having fun out here man. You heard me? It’s all love. It’s like Kool Moe Dee and LL Cool J. I’m LL though. [laughs] Shout-outs to Red Cafe. Shout-outs to Red Cafe, shout-outs to Bad Boy. Shout-outs to Diddy. I didn’t even know he jumped into [my situation with Fabolous]….I don’t spar, it ain’t no scrimmage. It’s a line of scrimmage. Anybody passes it, that’s your a**.” (Industry Muscle)

Initially, Fab used his Twitter to mock Jones’ past hits, “We Fly High” and “Pop Champagne.”

“Oh so it’s time 4 subliminal tweets huh?? Ok cool..#TellMeWhyUMad I’m mad cuz it’s over for that ballin…. Brooklynnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,” Fab wrote. “#TwitterRules If u wanna get at me, @ me… Anyway, Gettin a new blackberry… #TT coming soon!!! #iJustWannaKnoWhy if they know the order, they didn’t bring you NO ROSEI’s jus a few cold waters?? Whoa Oh! I thought u#PopChampagne #iJustWannaKnoWhy the Competition won’t stay #Dead. Maybe I should a new mixtape call #TiNc3 – Ghost of the Competition #iJustWannaKnoWhy n*ggas think they invented Louis Vuitton?? #nowplaying – Youre Only A Customer by Jay Z.” (Fabolous’ Twitter)

Check out a past Fabolous interview below:

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