Fabolous Makes Dipset Prediction, “They Will Get Back Together”

Fabolous Makes Dipset Prediction, “They Will Get Back Together”

Fabolous has bet on a Dipset reunion and explains what Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana‘s unity would mean to New York City.

Fab detailed his outlook on the reunion talks and his admiration for the group during its early days.

“At one point it looked like Jimmy was disowning it and then it looked like he was reaching his hand out now it’s like Cam is disowning it,” Fab explained. “It’s funny though because it seems like at first it was Cam…It’s horrible man, sometimes money becomes between people and one thing I always loved about Dipset is the unity they expressed. You seen dudes come from Harlem and come up in the game and was really on each other’s coat tails not anybody else’s and I loved that about them and they always stayed strong. Through the test of time, you know, certain things happen. Hopefully they will get back together. Hopefully Cam is feeling a way right now and it can be resolved, I would love to seem them all together again. Juelz. Cam and Jim. That would be a good look for New York as well.” (Jenny Boom Boom)

Jones recently revealed his aim to release a new Diplomat album with Cam as a tribute to their supporters.

“I’m only one piece of this puzzle, there’s three other players,” Jones recently told radio personality Angie Martinez. “I think there’s two other people who are in…I’m willing to get another Diplomat album done for the sake of us being selfish these past few years and change and our personal differences. It’s been more to it, it wasn’t just us that made Diplomats happen…for that, I think we owe it to ourselves and a lot of other people…A Diplomat album can’t be done without everyone’s participation, everybody feeling the same way about making this thing happen.” (Angie Martinez Show)

Santana also weighed in with his thoughts on a Dipset reunion.

“I’m with whatever man,” he said regarding a reunion with Dipset leader Cam’ron. “I’m good. I can do me now so it ain’t like if we was to do an album together, I can handle my business the way I wanna handle my business so I’m cool with anything. Ya dig? He ain’t physically harm me, he ain’t do nothing to me in that sense. Now I’m out, I’m free, I ain’t got time to dwell on that bullsh*t.” (SmackTube)

Despite willingness to work together from Jones and Juelz, Cam recently put to bed any ideas of a reunion.

“Look, I hear the deejays, I hear the fans, I hear everybody,” Cam said in an interview. “I’m not doing a Diplomats album. I’m not rhyming with Jim or Juelz or nothing. I wish them all the best of luck. Accept it people. The people don’t wanna seem to accept it. I don’t have time to do that, it’s not happening, I’m not doing it…And hopefully the people will get it in their head. Cam is doing Cam. I’m not doing no Diplomat Immunity 3 album. I hope they’ll do it and I wish them luck. Stop dreaming. Stop hoping. Stop wishing. Stop imagining. I’m not doing it. Official. What’s today’s date? Thursday, March 26th, 2009: Cameron Giles, aka Spacely Sprockets aka Jaffe Joe aka Killa Cam aka KFC, whatever you wanna call me, I am not doing no Diplomat 3 album. That’s it.” (NowWutTV)

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