Fabolous Forgets Rhyme-Filled BlackBerry At NJ Restaurant

Fabolous Forgets Rhyme-Filled BlackBerry At NJ Restaurant

New York rapper Fabolous nearly found himself rhyme-less after leaving his BlackBerry filled with rap lyrics in a New Jersey restaurant.

According to reports, Fab was dining at Morton’s Steakhouse when he reportedly had his memory lapse and left the restaurant phone-less.

Fabolous is still putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, “There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music,” but he almost lost some of his rhymes at Morton’s Steakhouse in Hackensack, NJ, the other night. The rapper paid more attention to his BlackBerry than his meal, but forgot the phone when he left. (New York Post)

However, a restaurant employee noticed Fab’s phone and returned it to him.

Fortunately, a sharp server noticed the phone on the table and caught Fab in the parking lot as he was about to pull out. The rapper was noticeably relieved, thanking the employee repeatedly.  (The Boom Box)

G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks ran into a similar incident when he left behind music from his sophomore album, originally titled The Big Withdraw, with two women around 2006.

“It’s truth to that rumor,” Banks told SOHH. “That comes from me doing too much. I was just lost in my ways, f*cked two women at one time. It’s the little things you don’t pay attention to. I had the CD in an actual DJ Whoo Kid mixtape cover. It was just a blank CD with just tracks. I got over 70, 80 tracks, so you can’t get them all on one CD. So I might have had 14 tracks of the last two weeks or something like that. Next thing I know, [I] can’t find the CD. I’m assuming it had to be from one of those situations when you got too much going on around you. Maybe I’mma just stick to one girl from now on. That’s the only explanation that makes sense. Sticky fingers.” (SOHH)

West Coast rap veteran Xzibit previously cautioned emcees who use their BlackBerry’s as lyric sheets.

“Nope when I approach music [it] is totally different then when I used to approach it on my other albums it’s a whole new formula, a whole new format,” X to the Z explained in an interview. “Musically the way I write is the same because sometimes I write with a beat without a beat but I always write it on paper. I’m not one of these new fangled rappers who don’t have to write sh*t down or put it in their BlackBerry, I’m old school. What’s gonna happen in the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame when rappers have to put their BlackBerry’s in because they never wrote stuff down on paper? (laughs) I want lyric sheets.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out Drake freestyling off of his BlackBerry below:

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