Fabolous Finally Ges His Dream Collabo W/ NY Mogul: “I’ve Been Waiting For A While”

Fabolous Finally Ges His Dream Collabo W/ NY Mogul: “I’ve Been Waiting For A While”

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous is finally getting an opportunity to hook up with seasoned hip-hop veteran Nas for an upcoming Loso’s Way 2 collaboration.

According to Fab, Nasty Nas reached out and revealed an interest in recording together.

“I’m not sure where everything is gonna go as yet, but I even just got a text recently from Nas,” Fabolous told MTV News of the long-awaited collaboration. “Nas wants to do something. I’ve been waiting for that collaboration for a while.” When probed about what this meeting of the minds would possibly sound like, he said that they were in the early stages of making the track a reality. “I guess people would definitely have to get Loso’s Way 2 and see, but I think it would be a great piece, because one thing about me and Nas is we’re two people who are very passionate about what we say and what we represent.” (MTV)

Optimistic about what they could do on the same track, Loso said sky is the limit for him and God’s Son.

“I think that we would come together and make a great collaborative effort,” Fab added. “I don’t know what kind of music it’s gonna be yet, ’cause we just talked about getting on a joint together and we still gotta go in the studio and find the right joint for both of us. But I think overall people would be wanting to hear that joint.” (MTV)

Last summer, Loso credited Nas’ Life is Good solo effort for uplifting the rap game.

“I think it’s actually a breath of fresh air for hip-hop,” Fab said. “It’s a different direction than a lot of the hip-hop that’s been coming out more recent. It’s so fresh. It’s so good to hear fresh music once in a while. You know, nothing wrong with the sound that’s in hip-hop right now, except for that it’s over-saturated you know, but I think Nas gives a different approach. I think that’s dope. “It’s just about making great hip-hop overall and I think Nas’ album adds to that,” ‘Loso added. (XXL Mag)

A year prior, the Brooklyn emcee named Nas along with four other notable entertainers he would love to collaborate with.

“Nas, Eminem, Fergie,” Fab said in an interview when asked what artists he hopes to work with. “I think Fergie’s voice is really dope. Umm. A lot of people, man. Jadakiss. Rick Ross. So we got some people to look out for on this [Loso’s Way 2] album coming. Yeah.” (Hot 106)

Loso’s Way 2 is slated to arrive this spring.

Check out some recent Fabolous footage:

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