Fabolous’ Ex-Wifey Refuses To Go Loso’s Way, “I’m Not Giving Him Anymore 5 Minutes Of Fame”

Fabolous’ Ex-Wifey Refuses To Go Loso’s Way, “I’m Not Giving Him Anymore 5 Minutes Of Fame”

Dipset rapper Juelz Santana‘s girlfriend/video vixen Kimbella recently opened up about her involvement in the new season of VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop” and why fans won’t hear her bigging up ex-boyfriend/rapper Fabolous anymore.

In Kimbella’s eyes, she has no interest in reflecting on her past days as Fab’s girl.

“Me? No! Why would I ever talk to Fab?,” Kimbella said when asked if she got Fab’s opinion on the show. “He’s a non-factor in my life. He was someone in my past and I don’t speak to people in my past. I’m not giving him anymore five minutes of fame. My situation is with my kids and my career, nothing else, so that’s where I’m leaving that. … The reason I signed up to do this is for my fans and people that are interested in me as a personality to see who I am as the real me. I’m very secure in myself, I keep it 100 and I really don’t give a f*ck. At the end of the day, I’m going to be me and portray me the way I am. You guys will get to see everything I went through, as far as being surrounded by new women in the industry and them trying to get to know me and just the different things I had to go through.” (XXL Mag)

In the show’s trailer, Kimbella tells Fab’s current girlfriend they used to date.

Rumors of Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones‘ girlfriend) giving Kimbella a beat down during the taping seemed to have panned out, because in the video below Chrissy gives her a real hood beating. Kimbella even admits to dating Fabolous three years ago to his baby’s mother who can only retort with the fact that she was pregnant three years ago. (Hip Hop Music)

Earlier this month, Kimbella revealed some advice former reality star/rapper Lil Kim gave her.

“Me and Lil Kim are good friends. She’s the God-mother to my youngest son. The first thing she told me when she found out I was doing the show was to watch out for the editing. And I said ‘I’m just gonna do what I do, I can’t really help what they edit.’ She just told me to understand that I’m going in blind-sighted, basically. She said ‘reality TV can be really good, or it can do really bad for you. Just be yourself and I got your back for whatever goes down.'” (Jasmine Brand)

“Love & Hip-Hop” season one star Somaya Reece recently offered Kimbella her own tips.

“It’s funny because so many people have asked me, ‘How does it feel to not be the villain?’ [Laughs] I will say no matter who decides to come to our show, be yourself,” Reece said in an interview. “Don’t try to be a wh*re or act like you’re going to bust a cap in somebody. Don’t turn into somebody else because you’re on television. If you’re going to come on this show with a bunch of strong women, you better know to just be yourself. Especially for [Kimbella], if you’re coming into a situation where you don’t know anyone, be honest because neither of us on the show likes dishonesty. It’s really important to remain honest and true to yourself.” (VIBE)

Check out the show’s trailer below:

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