Fabolous Draws On “Carlito’s Way” For Inspiration, “I’ve Gotten Shot & I’ve Got Arrested”

Fabolous Draws On “Carlito’s Way” For Inspiration, “I’ve Gotten Shot & I’ve Got Arrested”

Fabolous recently discussed details on his forthcoming Loso’s Way album promising the concepts and stories heard on each record will channel the lifestyle behind Al Pacino‘s Carlito’s Way.

While based on a fictional film, Fab claims his real life run-ins with crime and family will be similar to those of the movie’s protagonist, Charlie Brigante.

“[It] touches on so many issues from the movie, but it still [expresses] principles that people go through every day and could relate to,” he explained in an interview. “That’s why I chose the movie…When I was coming out of the ‘hood, I felt I wanted to do something better, and [I put] the journey to do something better … in this album. A lot of things have happened. I’ve gotten shot, I’ve got arrested, I’ve had a baby. All of these things have happened, so I wanted to put that in music form…In my intro, I’m going in certain places and talking about things, talking about certain things that I don’t think people have really heard me talk about or heard how I really feel. Right after that, I’m reloaded.” (MTV News)

While the album is now tentatively scheduled to drop around spring or summer 2009, Fab recently expressed his appreciation for building anticipation.

“The waiting is good ’cause that means they want something,” Fab said in an interview. “There’s a lot of n*ggas they ain’t waitin’ for, they just coming…I’m one of the dudes that I feel like they waitin’ for me to come and it’s good. I can come out in two years…End of April, top of May, I swear to God. I’m having a meeting about the mini-movie tonight. The mini-movie is gonna be like, an hour long to set the album up….This is motion picture sh*t.” (Best of Both Offices)

He previously spoke with SOHH about basing the album on Pacino’s character from Carlito’s Way.

“I think we had some similarities,” Fab said. “Carlito was a street dude trying to make the transition from the streets to something better. That’s where I felt like I was at in my point in my life of becoming a hip-hop artist and making that transition from the streets to a hip-hip artist.” (SOHH)

As Fab preps the release of his fifth solo project, he has announced plans to launch his own website called “My Fabolous Life.”

“I’m definitely going to do some blogs on the site,” he said in an interview. “I’ve really held back my internet presence just for the involvement in this site. For people who like to go on and see blogs and the entertainment that I bring, I really saved that for my actual website.” (Rap Radar)

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