Fabolous Cracks Up Over Kanye West’s “Hottest MCs” Whining

Fabolous Cracks Up Over Kanye West’s “Hottest MCs” Whining

New York rapper Fabolous recently reacted to Kanye West surprisingly reaching out to the media last week to air out his issues with MTV’s much-debated annual “Hottest MCs in the Game” list.

Along with commenting on Yeezy, Fab also briefly spoke on West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar stealing the show by topping the list.

Loso said he thinks the “Hottest MCs” discussion is a great thing and likened the yearly debate to “barbershop talk.” He also finds the subsequent reactions entertaining, especially Kanye West’s protest of his #7 spot and his revelation that he once gifted “Hottest MCs” moderator Sway Calloway with a television set. “Kanye’s was hilarious; when he brought up the TV, that was hilarious,” Fab said with a chuckle. Fab didn’t offer much in the way of debate, but spoke in support of this year’s “Hottest MC” Kendrick Lamar. “I think Kendrick had a great year, I think he’s a talent, I think he’s a dope artist, I think he brings a unique sound. His album was a sonic body of work.” (MTV)

In Ye’s own defense, he suggested the network’s panel did not give him a higher placement due to outside influences away from music.

However, when it came to his spot on the list, Kanye said, “I feel like in order for them to put me at #7, they had to bring up things they didn’t like — like the Cruel Summer album.” He then suggested that his critics prefer the backpack-and-polo-era Kanye over his current career choices. “They don’t like Givenchy Kanye, they don’t like Kanye in a kilt, they don’t like Kanye in a relationship.” Kanye also boasted about the bar in “Cold” in which he raps about Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband, Kris Humphries. “I said, ‘Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team’ — ain’t no bar of the entire past 12 months hotter than that one bar.” (Consequence of Sound)

Over the weekend, Loso offered up a suggestion the music network could consider for future “Hottest MCs” lists.

“I don’t know, number-wise, if everyone is in the right [position],” Fab said when asked about the debated list. “I feel those are the top ten hot, if you’re just using the word ‘hottest’ emcees in the game last year. I think Meek Mill had a great year — Future, of course, exploded that year, had some club records. A$AP Rocky, I don’t think he had the same kind of club and influence that way, his was more his sound and base. You knew his name even if you weren’t a particular fan of his music. … I think they should also change it from top ten emcees, if it’s about heat, they should just say the hottest guys in the game because sometimes it gets twisted with if you’re talking about their rapping skills, so they should more change that. Of course, 2 Chainz had a phenomenal year.” (“Los Angeles Leakers”)

A few days after the list went public, MTV issued a Top 3 “Honorable Mentions” rundown.

With the 2013 edition of MTV’s “Hottest MC’s” in the game finally concluded, MTV felt it was time to give notoriety to three artist that didn’t make the cut. First up was Jay-Z who’s a former number 1 hottest emcee opened the Barclays Center in a 8-night concert series, but didn’t release any new solo music during 2012 with only features. Nicki Minaj also a former top emcee, became a superstar in 2012 with becoming the next host on American Idol, but according to their criteria, she was quiet during the year. Capping off the clip was Lil’ Wayne, who like Jiggaman is also a former top emcee didn’t release any a project in 2012, with Sway saying after his “I Am Not A Human Being II” release; he’ll be right back at the forefront of their list. (Free OnSmash)

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