Fabolous Co-Signs Amber Rose’s Body-Killing Skills, “Together We Made A Good Duo”

Fabolous Co-Signs Amber Rose’s Body-Killing Skills, “Together We Made A Good Duo”

Grammy-nominated rapper Fabolous has explained his reasoning behind issuing model Amber Rose a license to kill in his new “You Be Killin’ ‘Em” music video.

Although Fab and Amber are thought to be a rumored couple, the rapper said the model’s physique earned her a spot in the visual.

“We got a lot of great response and recognition from the ‘You Be Killin’ Em’ video,” Fab said in an interview. “The little spice of hate and speculation, I choose to really exist above that noise. That stuff, you can’t do nothing about [it], and it’s always gonna be there. I tried to bring a great visual to the video world, not just bring the same scenario…[Rose] embodied the style and grace of complimenting somebody, ‘You be killin’ ‘em.’ I think she did an outstanding job as the lead lady in the video. I did OK as well. I think together we made a good duo.” (MTV)

A teaser for their video leaked online last month.

Making moves in the music industry, Amber Rose is the star of rapper Fabolous’ soon to be released music video “You Be Killin Em”. The two were photographed together back in November at his birthday bash at Greenhouse in New York City. But if those pictures got people talking then I’m sure this new video will do just the same. Kanye West‘s ex is not holding back either, appearing in nothing but lingerie in one scene. The song is currently #15 on Billboard’s rap charts so she picked the right one to star in. (Joey Lohan)

Last fall, Fab and Rose were rumored to be dating.

We have a feeling Kanye West’s ex, bald beauty Amber Rose, won’t be too jealous of Melody Thornton, despite Rose’s breakup with Kanye this summer. After a rumored summer fling with New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush, the model found another trophy fish in the hip-hop gene pool: rapper Fabolous. Rose and Fab haven’t advertised their romance, either, but one nightlife-loving source spied the duo at Juliet Supper Club in Chelsea on Monday morning. They arrived together at 1 a.m. with two other friends, but left separately: Rose at around 3 a.m., Fab shortly before 4. (New York Daily News)

Further gossip suggested Rose was possibly pregnant with the rapper’s child, although, they both later denied the speculation.

According to a source we dare not mention, Hip Hop groupieAmber Rose may be pregnant. But what’s even crazier than that…..word on the streets is rapper Fabolous is the pappy!!! We don’t know how true any of this is (and most likely it’s probably not)…but it wouldn’t surprise us at all. And hey, it’s a slow news day! (Gossip On This)

Check out “You Be Killin’ ‘Em” below:

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