Fabolous Channels Al Pacino On Upcoming CD, “Loso’s Way”


In this exclusive interview, Fabolous reveals his plans to pay homage to the cult classic, Carlito’s Way with his fifth studio album, Loso’s Way.

Since releasing his gold-selling 2007 album From Nothin’ To Somethin’, Fabolous has shied away from making public and guest appearances, instead choosing to focus on his follow-up.

“Really my main focus is making this next album dope,” he told SOHH.  It’s my fifth album.  Not too many artists even get that far in their career so I’m happy with that and trying to keep working.”

Fab has decided to take the from nothing to something concept from his last album even further by basing his new release on the 1993 gangster film, Carlito’s Way. In the movie, Carlito, played by Al Pacino, was a criminal who had just been released from prison and was struggling to lead a law-abiding life.

“I think we had some similarities,” Fab Told SOHH.  “Carlito was a street dude trying to make the transition from the streets to something better.  That’s where I felt like I was at in my point in my life of becoming a hip-hop artist and making that transition from the streets to a hip-hip artist.”

Fabolous understands that structuring his album like a film is an ambitious project and he’s taking every precaution to make it a success.  “When you theme something behind a movie you kinda want to make sure its dope and not compromise the integrity of the movie or your project,” he said.

For Fab, one of the key components to maintaining the integrity of Loso’s Way is working with producers who understand the goal.  He has tapped Jermaine Dupri and DJ Toomp among others.

“I told them the situation of the album and the theme everybody played into that,” Fabolous explained.  “Some people went back and watched the movie.  They were on page with me.  They knew where I was going.  It wasn’t people just coming in there and just playing some beat CDs and you pick a beat.”

The Def Jam rapper is planning on releasing Loso’s Way the first week of February 2009 but he promises that fans won’t have to wait too long for a first listen.  “You should be hearing some music soon. I’ma start flooding the streets with some stuff in a little bit.”

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