Fabolous Calls Out Autotune Swagger-Jackers, “Autotune Just Became Trendy Man” [Video]

Fabolous Calls Out Autotune Swagger-Jackers, “Autotune Just Became Trendy Man” [Video]

Building off Jay-Z‘s “Death Of Autotune” record, Fabolous recently spoke on what rappers genuinely represented the Autotune movement and the other emcees who copy the style.

In addition to saying T-Pain‘s autotune records worked, Fab also name dropped a few other artists, he claims, should be given an autotune pass.

“Autotune just became trendy man,” he said in an interview. “Like everybody started to feel like, ‘Okay, I’ma make a record and just put autotune in my voice and sing.’ The people who were successful with using autotune, T-Pain, he did it with R&B. Kanye [West] took it a different kind of way trying to alternate hip-hop and then Lil Wayne did it in a hip-hop form. I think they were successful and people looked at that and said, ‘We gonna just jump on top of that and make this thing our way of doing it.’ It just took autotune to this trendy place and anything that gets very trendy like that, it’s usually the death of it. Jay-Z was the one who took a stand and said I’m tired of this sh*t. And I think a lot of people felt that way.” (Real Talk NY)

Fab recently spoke with SOHH about his reaction to “D.O.A.”

Jay-Z is like the so to say trend killer if he states that something is done,” said Fab. “Certain people may feel that way but never say it… but Jay, he’ll take the stand and everybody be feelin’ that way and be like, ‘Yeah Jay’s a hero for saying what we’ve been feeling.’ I think what Jay is trying to do is help people get back to the talent of rapping. Let’s get some artistry back in the music, some good writing. I think ‘Death of Autotune’ is dope. I think it’s good for the climate too. At some point a lot of these kids, artists are coming out and they’re just putting this autotune on their voice… I guess Jay is just tired of everybody jumping on that bandwagon. I kinda was over it too.” (SOHH)

In a recent interview, Jay admitted the song was successful because it spoke for the public.

“I’m not saying autotune is wack…I’m not saying that, I just put a soundtrack to it, I put a voice to it. If people wasn’t feeling this way then the record wouldn’t work the way it would…The culture is bigger than the politics.” (The Angie Martinez Show)

Jay’s song has struck a cord with a variety of artists including Jim Jones, Ron Browz and DJ Webstar, who addressed the rap mogul via Twitter.

“Who heard old a** Jay-Z hating,” Webstar wrote via Twitter. “Bottom line is a 40 year-old can’t relate to a 17 or 22 year-old so he could never end my career. @bowwow614 I know he’s a legend bro, just like you a legend but I don’t give a f*ck about that just ’cause you a legend don’t mean you take out my family’s mouth. At the end of the day he’s a human just like me, he ate already enough for everybody, let the young n*gga’s eat.” (DJ Webstar’s Twitter)

Check out Fab’s interview below:

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