Expect Nothin’ But B.o.B. For Sophomore LP, Says Jim Jonsin

Expect Nothin’ But B.o.B. For Sophomore LP, Says Jim Jonsin

Grammy-nominated rapper B.o.B. has decided to put on for himself with his upcoming Adventures of Bobby Ray follow-up by focusing on releasing a sophomore album light on guest appearances.

According to producer Jim Jonsin, Bobby Ray has created his own work space.

“What Bob wanted to do was go into the lab himself and spend his time creating what he wanted his album to have, the direction he wanted,” Jonsin explained in an interview. “So we’re waiting on him to come back with that house that he’s built so we can go ahead and put all the fixtures in and try to help with it…He doesn’t want to do the feature records; he wants it to be his album.” (MTV)

The rapper’s debut landed atop its sales competition in May 2010.

As expected, fans of the XXL Freshman alum picked up 84,200 copies of his new disc over the last week, according to the Nielsen SoundScan. The rapper/multi-instrumentalist currently has both the No. 1 album and No. 1 song (“Nothin’ On You”) in the country. His second single, “Airplanes,” is currently working its way up the charts–landing at the No. 9 spot just last week. (XXL Mag)

Following its debut, Bobby Ray shared his reaction to toppling the charts.

“To have a number one album is definitely unexpected,” B.o.B. said about his debut’s chart placement. “I was really hoping, just to have people buy it and that it was going to be in the stores. It’s crazy because is it going to be in ‘all’ the stores? We went to the Best Buys, the Targets, just bought up the whole shelf. We even took the little barcode thing on the shelf that they label the shelf with, so it was a good time.” (Hip Hollywood)

His Atlantic Records album featured multiple guest appearances including T.I., Eminem, Bruno Mars and Hayley Williams.

“Don’t Let Me Fall” “Nothin’ On You” (featuring Bruno Mars) – 4:30 “Past My Shades” (featuring Lupe Fiasco) “Airplanes” (featuring Hayley Williams) “Bet I” (featuring T.I. and Playboy Tre) – 4:14 “Satellite” “Ghost in the Machine” “The Kids” (featuring Janelle Monae) “Magic” (featuring Rivers Cuomo) “Fame” “Lovelier Than You” “5th Dimension” (featuring T.I. & Ricco Barrino) “Airplanes (Part II)” (featuring Eminem and Hayley Williams) (Adventures of Bobby Ray)

Check out a past B.o.B. interview down below:

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