Expect Murderous ‘Ish On Drake’s ‘Forever’ Remix, Wu-Tang Member Promises

Expect Murderous ‘Ish On Drake’s ‘Forever’ Remix, Wu-Tang Member Promises

Diehard fans looking forward to Drake and Wu-Tang‘s upcoming “Wu-Tang Forever” remix can elevate their expectations for pure rawness and lethal bars, according to one member of the Clan.

According to Wu’s U-God, he had to rush his verse and, as a result, it may pack some intense heat for Drizzy’s Nothing Was The Same record.

“I didn’t hear the beat ’til I got there, so I didn’t get a chance to marinate with it,” U-God revealed. “So I just threw my dart how I felt. I was saying some murderous ish. I was saying some rawness. And now that I listen to the joint now, I’m like, ‘D*mn, he was talking ’bout a broad.’ I might’ve been too rough for y’all, man.” (MTV)

Last week, the Toronto native said he knew there could be mixed reactions toward the Wu ode when putting it together.

“I did take a risk titling that song what it was. But for me, I’m always into paying homage,” Drake explained in an interview. “That’s kind of what ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ is. I’ve always tried to pick a classic hip-hop song and make it my own. I thought [the reactions] would have been worse than that, really, to be honest. … I’ve got a great piece with me and Wu-Tang Clan all rapping together again, which is dope. That’s coming soon, definitely. It’s on the way.” (CRWN)

Recently, Wu’s Inspectah Deck said he had already experienced the wrath of Drake fans going after him on social media outlets for criticizing the record.

“Everybody took it out of context,” Deck said. “I got a bunch of Drake fans attacking my Twitter page talking about, ‘If it wasn’t for Drake, we wouldn’t be relevant right now,’ and all of that. That’s silliness, you know what I’m saying. Where I come from I come from the grain of this. I come from when brothers got punched in they mouth over a chain, if you wasn’t rolling deep enough. These brothers is safe nowadays. They doing a whole lot of things that, when we came up in the game, it wasn’t allowed. You couldn’t even sound like or look like nobody else. That’s the way I came up. So when I look at it like a tribute, I heard Snoop Dogg when he did the ‘La Di Da Di,’ for Slick Rick. He actually did the whole song over. That’s respect. As an emcee, you don’t even quote another man’s rhyme. Or Nas when he did the [‘U.B.R.’] ‘Unauthorized Biography of Rakim,’ he dedicated that whole song to the god, which is, kind of what I expected. ‘Okay, the song is going to be about us like that.’ Maybe we inspired him to do what he do. But, it didn’t even sound like that to me. So when I heard the song I said, ‘Yo, I agree with yall. It’s not a Wu-Tang tribute and it shouldn’t wear that title.” (HHDX)

Although details were initially scarce, Drizzy confirmed recently hooking up with the Clan for a new tune last month.

Drake has a couple more teases up his sleeve before the release of Nothing Was The Same tomorrow (September 24), but interestingly, they have almost nothing to do with the actual album. First up, the MC/crooner took to Instagram and hinted that he has an unreleased song with Hit-Boy that we’ll get to hear soon. Then, in much clearer terms, Drake said in a recent interview that he worked on a track with Wu-Tang Clan. A few days ago, Wu member U-God confirmed that the Staten Island crew had recorded a remix of Drake’s controversial (to rap heads, at least) “Wu-Tang Forever,” so it’s possible that’s the collaboration Drizzy was talking about. (Idolator)

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Check out U-God’s interview:

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