Excuse My French: Montana Fires Back At ‘Broke’ Lyrical Rappers Comments: “They Took It & Flipped It”

Recently, Detroit rapper Danny Brown discussed his short Twitter rant directed at Montana following the initial remarks.

“Nah, the point of it is, I guess, the whole thing [in relation] to the French Montana thing, my whole point of it is, is that I wouldn’t want to promote that to the kids. Because what does that leave for the future of rap music as a genre if you tell them that you don’t have to be good, you don’t have to be a great rapper to make money out of this. I think that’s just the total wrong way to look at it. It’s just my opinion on it. I could be wrong. But for the most part – I would want to promote at best you have to be really good, you have to be really talented and step your foot into this ring of rap music. It should be that competitive. We have Kendrick Lamar. We have Danny Brown. No. You know what I’m saying? Nah, you gotta know how to rap.” (Complex)

Over the summer, Danny jumped onto his Twitter page to let loose on comments Montana made in a radio interview.

“i wanna play where the broke lyrical n*ggas is at .. the music is better there,” Brown tweeted July 26.

“aye none lyrical rap n*ggas save your money and pay your taxes .. u won’t be here in 3 yrs #ThisisTrue” (Danny Brown’s Twitter)

Brown’s comments were reportedly sparked by Montana co-signing dumbed down lyrics.

“Hip-hop is at a confused state. I was one of the last people to come out and go big out of New York. Everybody’s like, is it real hip-hop? This, this, and that. I feel like the hottest new kid that just came out, [Bobby] Shmurda, he sounds like he’s from down south. That’s because we’re doing different things. All lyrical rappers I know are broke. The ones that make it an issue. Jay can hop on either/or. Just like I can do either/or. I just feel like you gotta make people enjoy the music.” (Power 105.1)

Cyrus Langhorne
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