Ex-Hot Boy Turk Gives First Post-Prison Interview [Audio]

Ex-Hot Boy Turk Gives First Post-Prison Interview [Audio]

Less than 48 hours after becoming a freed man, former Hot Boys member Turk has finally spoke on serving nearly ten years behind bars and what’s next with prison now behind him.

According to Turk, he plans to drop an autobiography and work on new music.

“I’m outta here, man,” Turk said in an interview. “They took [the shackles] off, after eight years, eight months, sixteen days. It’s a blessing, it’s a miracle. First things first, man, getting my family straight. That goes without being said. I’ve been working on an autobiography, I finished it, I’m about to get a deal for that — you’ve got to be productive [while locked up] or you’re going to go crazy. I just stayed in contact with the industry, staying abreast with what was going on, trying to educate myself as much as I can so when I did get out, I wasn’t too far behind. They in trouble once they hear this music.” (Q 93)

Reports of his released flooded the Internet Friday (October 12) afternoon.

New Orleans rapper Turk is officially a free man, after serving almost 9 years in prison for weapons violations. The rapper, born Tab Virgil Jr., was released from the Forrest City, Arkansas Federal Prison this morning (October 12). Turk checked in with AllHipHop.com and was in good spirits on his first day of freedom. Turk was a member of the hit Hip-Hop group The Hot Boys on Cash Money Records, from 1996 – 2001. (All Hip Hop)

Back in July, reports suggested Turk would get released this week.

New Orleans rapper Turk, once a member of Cash Money Records’ biggest group the Hot Boys, will finally be released from prison. Turk, who served almost nine years after being convicted for weapons violations, will finally be released from the Forrest City, Arkansas federal prison, on October 12, 2012. Turk, born Tab Vigil Jr., was part of The Hot Boys from 1996-2001. As a member of the group, Turk was featured on #1 albums like Get It How You Live!, Guerrilla Warfare and released a solo album titled Young & Thuggin’. (AHH)

A couple years ago, fellow ex-Cash Money rapper B.G. discussed his legal woes.

“I talk to Turk all the time,” B.G. said in an interview. “He’s been down almost six years. He took 10 years on the gun charge. They dropped the charges of attempted murder on a police officer because it was friendly fire. They have a civil lawsuit with the police [officer’s family]. He’s supposed to be on his way to the halfway house. Turk’s a soldier. He’s handling it like a gangsta. He’s got smarter, wiser, he’s been reading. Six years in the feds … his chess game is on point. He’s been eating. He got about 10 albums [written]. He’s ready.” (MTV)

Check out Turk’s interview below:

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