Ex-Hot Boy Re-Signs W/ Birdman & Lil Wayne? “[He’s] Officially YMCMB”

Ex-Hot Boy Re-Signs W/ Birdman & Lil Wayne? “[He’s] Officially YMCMB”

Former Hot Boys member Juvenile has reportedly rejoined forces with Birdman and Lil Wayne‘s Young Money/Cash Money family after departing the label in the early 2000’s.

Although Juvie has yet to confirm, a New Orleans affiliate reportedly broke the news.

After leaving Cash Money Records in 2002 over theft allegations, New Orleans rapper Juvenile seems to have completely buried the hatchet. In a tweet sent out by NO producer Niyo, who has credits working for both parties, Juvie is now officially YMCMB. Though no “official” word has been released, the move shouldn’t come as a surprise. (Smoking Section)

The news comes just a couple weeks after Juvie and the rappers united for their “Picture Perfect” collaboration.

Everything may be picture perfect between three of the original members of Cash Money’s Hot Boyz. Juvenile, Lil Wayne and Birdman reunite on Juvy’s new track “Picture Perfect.” “Picture Perfect” marks the first time Juvy and Weezy have reunited on a track in almost a decade. The Hot Boyz link up and paint a perfect picture on the Mike WiLL-produced track. “Juvenile I’m throwback/like 80 something I go back/dem brown bags I sold that/them street corners I know that/appetite, I’m so hungry/democratic, go donkey,” raps Juvenile. “I’m picture perfect/I paint a perfect picture/I’m spooning with yo bitch/and make you do the dirty dishes/ man I hate them thirsty b*tches, cut’em off like circumcision/I’m the type to talk sh*t, and it be words of wisdom,” raps Lil Wayne. (Global Grind)

The record comes shortly after buzz developed on an ex-Cash Money artist coming back to the team.

The domination continues. I am hearing from a reliable source that the empire created by Baby and Wayne are about to sign one of the best selling rappers from the original CM Records crew. Well? I can’t say just yet, but it is coming in the next two weeks. Take a guess. Its very easy. (All Hip Hop Rumors)

Last August, Juvie admitted he had no harsh feelings toward Cash Money.

“I look at it like this. Every record company they got out here, somebody opened hte door on it. If you go to Def Jam, you go to Universal, somebody opened the door, somebody was first. I don’t look at it like they owe me something for that, in that matter. And a lot of the youngsters, they’re not going to know unless somebody tell them, that’s a great thing. I think it’s good when it’s cats out there like you [radio caller] that tell them the history of what’s going on. I don’t feel like Cash Money owes me anything or they should do an album with me. If we can sit down at the table and work it out, I really don’t have a problem with doing business with them or nobody. I mean, that’s why I was so quick to release the rights to ‘Back That Azz Up’ to Drake, just to show them I ain’t tripping, I’m a businessman.” (“Sway In The Morning”)

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