Ex-Hot Boy Admits Lil Wayne’s Success Did Not Blow Him Away

Ex-Hot Boy Admits Lil Wayne’s Success Did Not Blow Him Away

Former Hot Boys member Turk recently talked about the success Cash Money has reaped since he started a prison bid nearly ten years ago and why Lil Wayne‘s success is not surprising.

In Turk’s perspective, he knew Weezy F. Baby’s work ethic would make him a certified hip-hop star.

“To see Lil Wayne, Baby, the whole Cash Money doin’ they thing, it’s not a surprise to me, because I know how Cash Money rock,” Turk told MTV News. “They get it in, you know what I’m saying? That’s what we all come from. We come from that. We come from doing a whole album in a week. Mannie Fresh get in the studio, we all get in the studio … ‘What you got? Let me hear something.’ Then bam! He put the beat, we put the rap and there it go. So when I was hearing Lil Wayne was doing all these mixtapes, doing all these features, people in jail and people on the phone when I’m callin’ home be like, ‘Yo, man, your dog doin’ this and this and that,’ it wasn’t no surprise to me. I don’t know why it was a surprise to the world. But I always knew that Wayne was gonna be how he is, ’cause he was focused.” (MTV)

Recently, Turk revealed his experience behind bars and possibly rejoining Cash Money.

“I’m always open to that. That’s an option,” Turk said referring to possibly signing back to Cash Money. “I’ve talked to Baby on several occasions, while I was incarcerated. I’ve talked to Lil Wayne. Wayne sent me money. I talked to B.G., but unfortunately he was locked up when I came out. I spoke to Juve, Mannie Fresh, everybody. It’s all love. We’re gonna sit down, chop it up as men and see what the future got for us. But right now, it’s about that YNT Empire–Young N Thuggin. I’m pushing on my own right now because a man gotta stand on his own, but I’m looking forward to working with the whole industry. It’s all love.” (XXL Mag)

Shortly after getting released, Turk gave his first post-prison radio interview.

“I’m outta here, man,” Turk said in an interview. “They took [the shackles] off, after eight years, eight months, sixteen days. It’s a blessing, it’s a miracle. First things first, man, getting my family straight. That goes without being said. I’ve been working on an autobiography, I finished it, I’m about to get a deal for that — you’ve got to be productive [while locked up] or you’re going to go crazy. I just stayed in contact with the industry, staying abreast with what was going on, trying to educate myself as much as I can so when I did get out, I wasn’t too far behind. They in trouble once they hear this music.” (Q 93)

Just last month, ex-Hot Boys member Juvenile reunited with Wayne and Baby.

Everything may be picture perfect between three of the original members of Cash Money’s Hot Boyz. Juvenile, Lil Wayne and Birdman reunite on Juvy’s new track “Picture Perfect.” “Picture Perfect” marks the first time Juvy and Weezy have reunited on a track in almost a decade. The Hot Boyz link up and paint a perfect picture on the Mike WiLL-produced track. “Juvenile I’m throwback/like 80 something I go back/dem brown bags I sold that/them street corners I know that/appetite, I’m so hungry/democratic, go donkey,” raps Juvenile. “I’m picture perfect/I paint a perfect picture/I’m spooning with yo bitch/and make you do the dirty dishes/ man I hate them thirsty b*tches, cut’em off like circumcision/I’m the type to talk sh*t, and it be words of wisdom,” raps Lil Wayne. (Global Grind)

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