Ex-Destiny’s Child Member Speaks After Arrest:”Turn Down For What”

Ex-Destiny’s Child Member Speaks After Arrest:”Turn Down For What”

Former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin has come forward to address making headlines over the weekend for an unexpected South Carolina arrest. #stillstanding

Franklin jumped onto her Instagram page to post an inspirational message.

“To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated, and misunderstood. Stay strong.,” a photo read Sunday (July 20). (Farrah Franklin’s Instagram)

She also suggested the media may have gone an extra mile to paint her in a negative light.

“That part! ????I’m good just hate the dumb media sometimes, but hey this is the job I signed up for. So I respect it???? #TurnDownForWhat???? #TeamFARRAH???? #GodsChild???? #Instagram,” Franklin wrote July 20. (Farrah Franklin’s Instagram)

Details of the unexpected arrest surfaced online Sunday (July 20) afternoon.

Ex-Destiny’s Child singer Farrah Franklin was arrested in South Carolina early Sunday morning for disorderly conduct … TMZ has learned and our sources tell us alcohol was definitely involved. Franklin — who who spent 5 months with the group in 2000 before Beyonce and Kelly Rowland gave her the boot — was booked into the Horry County Detention Center in Conway around 5AM. (TMZ)

Franklin’s time in police custody was short-lived after she posted up bond.

Hours before, Franklin happily posted a picture on the beach. She was released Sunday afternoon on bond. This is not Franklin’s first arrest for flying off the handle. She was popped in 2011 in L.A. for disorderly conduct … and we’re told booze was also involved. She claimed she was the victim of racial profiling. (TMZ)


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