Ex-Cash Money Member Blown Away By LeBron’s Jay Z Freestyle: “He’s A Lot Nicer Than A Lot Of The Rappers Out”

Ex-Cash Money Member Blown Away By LeBron’s Jay Z Freestyle: “He’s A Lot Nicer Than A Lot Of The Rappers Out”

Former Cash Money Records member Mannie Fresh is the latest hip-hop artist to step up and offer a take on NBA champion LeBron James throwing down some bars on a recent Jay Z freestyle.

Rather than poke fun at James’ rhymes, Fresh boasted about the sports star’s ability.

Fresh tells us he heard ‘Bron’s verse on the new rap song we published on TMZSports.com this week — and says, “LeBron is a lot nicer than a lot of the rappers out right now.” “He got a nice little flow. He was a little cocky with it … I always like that in rappers. He was like ‘S**t, I’m not backing down!'” He adds, “2 rings … that was a dope line.” (TMZ)

While he could not fully co-sign Bron Bron’s bars, rap star Game did give him a nod in comparison to actual hip-hop artists earlier this week.

LeBron James is “better than 88% of rappers rapping right now” … so says The Game who tells TMZ Sports the NBA star’s first real rap verse wasn’t bad for a beginner. “First time I heard the song — I thought the first guy [Sian Cotton] was fly. He was snapping a little bit and then LeBron came on and I was like, ‘Umm s*** … aight.'” “The thing is … he ain’t as polished as expected — but no one is like the God MC on their first rap. I’ve heard a lot worse from CDs and on iTunes and s*** from real artists.” We asked Game if he had any advice for ‘Bron, to which he replied — “Here, tell him this for me … tell him to work on staying on pocket a little more.” (TMZ)

The NBA superstar’s new freestyle bubbled across the Internet April 1.

We’ve seen and heard LeBron James dabble in rap before, but this is the first time he’s put down a whole verse on a song for public consumption. LBJ and a buddy from Ohio got in the recording studio last summer to freestyle over a Jay Z hit. (SLAM Online)

Miami rapper Ace Hood previously talked to SOHH about Bron’s fellow Heat teammate Dwyane Wade rapping on stage days before NBA All-Star Weekend 2012.

“Yeah, yeah, we turned up, man,” Hood laughingly told SOHH recalling the D-Wade set. “My homie D-Wade is doing his thing, man. Shout-out to the homie. They’re balling out. LeBron James, [Udonis] Haslem, all of them. But yeah, we were in the club turned up, balling hard and doing some things for the ladies. We were super turned up. He wanted that Miami-Broward County feel down there in Orlando. … [Playoffs run?] Of course. They’re playing outstanding basketball. This year is starvation in D-Wade. They want it bad. It goes back to [my upcoming mixtape], Starvation, they want it bad. We want a ring. They want to be at the top, I want to be at the top. We want it bad, you feel me?” (SOHH)

Check out LeBron James’ freestyle:

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