“Every Female In Prison Wanted Me”

“Every Female In Prison Wanted Me”

So So Def rapper Da Brat has discussed her three-year stint behind bars and revealed she was a female delight amongst her fellow Georgia inmates.

Although gazed upon in prison, Brat insisted she did not have romantic relations behind bars.

Formerly incarcerated rapper Da Brat tells TMZ she did NOT strike up a romance with another female inmate during her time behind bars … though she insists everyone wanted a shot at her “goodies.” Da Brat — who last week completed a three year prison stint for attacking a waitress with a bottle in 2007 — tells us, “Every female in prison wanted me … all of them wish they could have gotten these goodies.” Brat insists her goodies were never gotten. Brat tells us … some of her famous friends reached out during her time — “Jermaine Dupri sent me the most money … Omar Epps and his wife looked out.” (TMZ)

A few days ago, Brat revealed she was still going to be on house arrest for up to six months.

“It’s been crazy, everybody has been hitting me up,” she said in an interview. “I’m in the ‘A’ doing house arrest. I have this nice leg monitor jewelry. I’ma put some Swarovski Crystals on this…I actually had more freedom in the work release program because I got to go home on pass. In the transition center you work and go back and forth to your job. When you’re on pass you can go home. But I ain’t trippin’. It’s all good. All of this will be over soon.” (XXL Mag)

Brat has already started mapping out her rap return with help from friend/producer Jermaine Dupri.

“I’m getting some beats sent to me right now from JD,” Brat added. “I wasn’t really motivated in there to write. I need to be able to hear some fire beats and I need to hear it loud. I got two and a half years of sh*t built up that I need to talk about. I’m ready to get it in. I can’t wait.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this week, Dupri broke the news of Brat’s return home.

“Happy day for me and all SO SO DEF fans,Da BRAT is finally home,” JD tweeted Monday (February 28).

“for everybody wanting to holler DA BRAT hit her up on GLOBAL14.COM right now @brat and welcome her back” (Jermaine Dupri’s Twitter)

Da Brat served three years behind bars on a 2007 assault conviction.

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