Eve Speaks On Her Claw Boobs, “You Don’t Mess With Your Trademark”

Eve Speaks On Her Claw Boobs, “You Don’t Mess With Your Trademark”

Ruff Ryders’ Eve has opened up about her image and why her mother initially called her signature tattooed claws chest a tacky look.

Speaking in an interview from Inked Magazine, Eve also updated fans on her career away from the music scene.

In the issue, Eve revealed that her mother hated her signature claw print tattoos, which have become one of Eve’s trademarks. “My mom said it was the tackiest thing she’d ever seen,” Eve revealed. “Yet years later it was her mom who insisted she not remove them. Hey, you don’t mess with your trademark, right?” Eve also revealed that she is in the process of shedding her bad girl image with high-profile appearances on television series like Glee and the upcoming VH1 scripted reality show, Single Ladies. “I hate it when people say, The old Eve, the old Eve. No! I can’t pretend to be that girl anymore,” Eve said. “If I did people would see that and be like, Why is she trying to be that same person?” (All Hip Hop)

Last month, Eve opened up about her long-awaited Lip Lock album hitting stores in 2011.

“I’ve been saying the album is coming and it was but I leftInterscope and now I’m on EMI so the album is definitely coming,” Eve said in an interview. “[It’s coming] at the top of the year. It’s called Lip Lock. It’ll be out at the top of the year, in March, I don’t have a date yet. But so far on the album, it’s Salaam Remi, Akon, of course Swizz Beatz — you don’t get out of Ruff Ryders. Obviously that’s my fam and I haven’t wrapped up the album yet so I’m sure you’ll hear some stuff from somebody.” (Ms Drama TV)

Earlier this year, Eve discussed being dropped by Interscope Records.

“[Interscope was] stupid because they didn’t drop me at first, they [just shelved me] and dropped the ball,” Eve explained in an interview. “After ‘Tambourine’, they straight up were like, ‘Umm, yeah, nah, we’re not putting out the record.’ After that I was like ‘Y’all gotta let me go. I’ve been here 11 years and you’re frontin on me?’ It got to that point…They promised me the machine. The machine is basically the roll out. It’s ‘Yo, when [‘Flirt’] comes out, we’ll give you this, we’ll give you that. And that’s what made me mad. It’d be different if we didn’t have a meeting where people promised me sh*t. If they were just like ‘Oh we’re going to put the album out and see what happens,’ that would be one thing…But they were like ‘No, we’re making sure this happens, it’s coming out on this date.’ It was concrete. But it’s all good, everything happens how it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to.” (VIBE)

Last January, Ruff Ryders CEO Joaquin “Waah” Dean spoke on Eve’s departure from Interscope Records.

“Eve is pretty much in the process of being released from the Interscope deal right now,” he explained in an interview. “We’re in negotiations of helping her get in control of her situation, we’re supporting her. Interscope is a great label that supported us in our success along with Def Jam and Universal. So we got Eve from Dre initially [and she wanted to go back] and they went through something. Eve was working out that way (Los Angeles), doing movies a lot and they kind of like was clicking at that time so we wanted to support Eve in whatever she wanted to do and that’s what we do. We support our artists and our family so at that time she wanted to do that. And we was there to embrace and support her and they didn’t do what they was supposed to do on some level but she’s getting released and we’re gonna be here to support her in whatever direction she want to go.” (Hip Hop Wired)

Check out a recent Eve interview below:

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