Eve Says Your Looks Can Seal Your Fate Even More Today

Eve Says Your Looks Can Seal Your Fate Even More Today

Former Ruff Ryders member Eve recently talked about her long-awaited Lip Lock comeback album and how things have changed since 2002’s Eve-Olution dropped.

According to E-v-e, she did not want to rely on any label support and chose to work with high-profile artists on the new LP only if they were mutually interested.

“I wanted to work with people that I actually enjoy listening to,” she says. “And I wanted the people on this album to want to be there — not that it was a label calling in a favor. It felt right. It felt organic. Everything, every producer that’s on it, every side artist that’s on it, it all came together so easily. There wasn’t any frustration.” (New York Post)

She also delved into the importance of fashion in 2013, notably, why having a confident and presentable look is more vital than ever.

“I’ve gotten introduced to designers on blogs or Instagram,” she says. “If I see something I love, I will follow the trail. I find a lot of fashion on Pinterest. I wish you could see my page right now. For me, it’s an inspiration. I usually pull stuff, like ‘I want to look this rock-chic-sexy. This is the look I aspire to.’ ” Eve acknowledges that being fashion-forward is more important than ever. The Web can spread a hot trend in a matter of hours. But it can also dish out pain to those who don’t look the part. When the last album came out, “you only really got dressed for things you needed to get dressed for. Now you’ve got to worry about how cute you are in the radio station, because everything’s video taped. It wasn’t like that before.” (New York Post)

Recently, the Philadelphia native told SOHH she had no regrets about not rushing her newest solo effort.

“I’m a musician, you never stop being a musician, it’s just like how artists never stop painting,” E-v-e told SOHH when asked about her motivation for dropping a new album. “Poets never stop writing poetry. I’m a musician, I’m an artist, I’m a hip-hop artist. Music is my passion, it’s my therapy, it’s my first love and I feel like yeah, it took a minute for me to come back out but I needed to be inspired again. And I wanted to make sure the business was right. Right now, it did take a minute, but everything’s so great. I’m inspired again, I’m excited, it feels like I’m a new artist. It just feels right, right now.” (SOHH)

Although a decade has passed since her last full-length studio effort dropped, Eve also told SOHH fans could rest assured her lyrical skills are still sharp.

“It’s a huge change, obviously that [Eve-Olution] record came out ten years ago,” Eve added when asked about how she’s changed since her 2002 release. “Obviously I’ve definitely grown. Lyrically, I feel people will still be like, ‘D*mn, that’s my girl.’ But, yes, the music is different. I’ve traveled the world now. I travel all the time, actually. I live in London so it’s like my whole ear is different but lyrically, hopefully people will be like, ‘D*mn, that’s my girl!’ That’s the one thing I wanted to keep the same as far as how I flow and things like that. I think the music is more worldly, more global, maybe.” (SOHH)

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