Eve Denies Chris Brown Twitter Attacks, “Eve Does Not Twitter Ever!”

Eve Denies Chris Brown Twitter Attacks, “Eve Does Not Twitter Ever!”

After recent reports emerged online claiming Eve was verbally attacking Chris Brown over his domestic dispute with Rihanna, the first lady of Ruff Ryders has now addressed the accusations.

Despite a Twitter page claiming to be her, the rapper has said she is not involved with the popular social network.

Reports surfaced earlier today (May 29) that the rapper-actress has been blasting the alleged Rihanna-beater with some emotionally charged and strongly worded tweets. Problem is Eve isn’t a member of Twitter Nation. “Eve doesn’t Twitter, ever!” her rep tells me. “It is not her who tweeted about Chris Brown.” Eve’s camp is currently working on trying to get the fake Twitter page taken down. (E! Online)

The alleged account displayed various rants against the R&B singer.

“Hold on, hold on,” a posting reads unmodified. “I’m just gonna reach out to some of ya’ll out there and say this bluntly, why do people keep trying to protect chris browns’ a**? He’s guilty until proven innocent, and no man should ever raise a hand to a woman, I’m so sick of people kissin his a**. Yeah I did just watch a clip of him saying he isn’t a monster. Yeah motherf*ker you are. Let him or any other man come to me with power fists. I’d f*ck him up.” (Hip Hop Pop Crunch)

Kanye West recently addressed rumors claiming he had a Twitter account.

“(This spaz comes courtesy of losers making fake Kanye West Twitter accounts) I don’t have a f*cking Twitter,” Ye wrote unmodified. “Why would I use Twitter??? I only blog five percent of what I’m up to in the first place. I’m actually slow delivering content because I’m too busy actually busy being creative most of the time and if I’m not and I’m just laying on a beach I wouldn’t tell the world. Everything that Twitter offers I need less of. The people at Twitter know I don’t have a f*cking Twitter so for them to allow someone to pose as me and accumulate over a million names is irresponsible and deceitful to their faithful users. Repeat. The heads of Twitter knew I didn’t have a Twitter and they have to know which accounts have high activity on them. It’s a f*cking farce and it makes me question what other so called celebrity Twitters are actually real or fake. Hey Twitter, take the so called Kanye West Twitter down now. Why? Because my caps locks is loud!!!!!!!!” (Kanye West’s Blog)

Brown’s lawyer appeared in court last week for a hearing on the singer’s domestic dispute case.

The leak of a photo showing Rihanna’s bloodied face is not relevant to the assault arrest of her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, a judge said. Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg described the leak of what appears to be a police evidence photo to the gossip site TMZ.com as “not a good thing” and possibly a crime, but she brushed aside suggestions by Brown’s attorney that it impacted evidence to be presented against the R&B singer at a June 22 preliminary hearing. Brown did not attend the hearing. The 19 year-old has pleaded not guilty to assault and criminal threats charges stemming from a Feb. 8 incident in which Rihanna, 21, claimed he beat, punched and bit her as she rode in his rented Lamborghini. (Los Angeles Times)

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