Eve Confirms Return W/ “Flirt”, “I Am Caught Up In A Whole Music Label Situation”

Eve Confirms Return W/ “Flirt”, “I Am Caught Up In A Whole Music Label Situation”

Former Ruff Ryder rapper Eve has spoken on her long-delayed Here I Am album release detailing her multipe push-backs and the project’s new title.

Eve claims the long wait is due to a conflicting record label situation.

“Unfortunately I am caught up in a whole music label situation,” she said in an interview. “The album is finally going to come out this spring or summer…We went back in and reworked the whole thing…I had to get in there and put in some upbeat music that I wasn’t depressed about…It won’t be called Here I Am anymore. Now it’s called Flirt.” (New York Post)

Her forthcoming project will also be on a new label.

After being previously signed to Dr. Dre‘s Aftermath Records/Interscope and awaiting to release her album in 2007 several times, female rapper Eve has a new home at Geffen Records. The female emcee who has re-recorded a number of the tracks, now has a new outlook and expects to bring out the album that fans have been highly anticipating. (Musiq Queen)

Here I Am was originally slated to drop nearly two years ago.

Eve’s new album has been pushed back several times. Originally scheduled to be drop on August 7, 2007, it was held back to September 11, 2007 and then pulled off for U.S. release a month later. The album however still did not arrive in stores until this year. (Ace Show Biz)

Eve has been recording for over a decade.

She was one of a new breed of tough, talented, commercially viable female MCs to hit the rap scene during the late ’90s. Though she could be sexy when she chose, she wasn’t as over the top as Lil’ Kim or Foxy Brown, and as part of the Ruff Ryders posse, her production was harder than Da Brat‘s early work with Jermaine Dupri. (All Music)

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