Eve Catches Heat After Controversial Britney Spears Accusation: “She’s Clearly Jealous”

Eve Catches Heat After Controversial Britney Spears Accusation: “She’s Clearly Jealous”

Former Ruff Ryders member Eve is reportedly under fire for making comments on pop star Britney Spears‘ new “Scream & Shout” record, claiming she did not really sing on it.

Furious over the allegation, Spears’ camp has responded back and suggested E-v-e may be jealous.

Britney Spears?’ rep is calling BS on Eve’s insinuation that Britney didn’t sing on her new release, “Scream & Shout.” Jeff Raymond, B.S.’s publicist, tells TMZ, “It’s absolute BS. Britney sang the song. Will.i.am wanted her for this song and she sang on it.” Eve went on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and said, “I heard that might not be Britney.” A source from the recording studio cattily tells TMZ, “Was Eve even in Studio. Didn’t know. She’s clearly jealous. I didn’t even know she still sings.” (TMZ)

Sprears’ rep has even reached out to additional media outlets to address the accusation.

Well, Spears’ team isn’t letting the rapper get away with the allegation that easily. They responded to it on Thursday, shutting down the rapper’s off-the-cuff remark. “Completely not true,” her rep tells MTV News. “Britney absolutely sings on ‘Scream & Shout.'” (MTV)

Eve has since stepped forward to clarify her comments about the 31 year-old.

“Come on ya’ll My comment was not about Britney Spears NOT singing the song- clearly it’s her. It was about the British accent-pay attention,” she tweeted February 14th. (Eve’s Twitter)

G.O.O.D. Music’s Hit-Boy recently revealed linking up with Spears for an upcoming project.

“I’m bringing my world to her world, so I’m infusing what I do in hip-hop and bringing pop elements to it. So it’s just going to be a global sound,” he told MTV News on the set of the “Scream & Shout” remix clip. “We’ve just been throwing ideas back and forth so far. So I can’t really put a number on it or anything but it’s coming together.” And despite Spears’ legend status, Hit-Boy says she doesn’t act like a diva at all. “I mean she’s actually just really nice and cool,” he revealed. “It’s nothing different than working with everyone else, just a really cool person.” (MTV)

Check out Britney Spears’ “Scream & Shout”:

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