Eve Adds To “Numb3rs,” Appearing On Upcoming Episode

Philadelphia rap star Eve has been tagged to appear in an upcoming episode of the Emmy-nominated series “Numb3rs.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the rapper-turned-actress will portray the role of a sneaker sales rep likely to have been involved in the show’s compelling storyline.

“FBI [is] chasing a very valuable pair of sneakers as they pass through one criminal after another,”executive producer Ken Sanzel told EW.

While additional details are being kept to a minimum, Eve’s character is believed to be an early suspect in the episode’s crime due to her affiliation with the sneaker company.

No information has been released on when the show will air.

In related news, Eve will co-star in Drew Barrymore‘s directional film debut, Whip It!, based on a beauty-pageant contestant turned roller derby competitor.

The project focuses on a misfit woman looking to relieve her small-town complications by joining a team of roller derby women based out of Bodeen, Texas.

Whip It! is slated to hit theaters in 2009.

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