Estranged R&B Singer Houston Arrested In Los Angeles

Estranged R&B Singer Houston Arrested In Los Angeles

Estranged R&B singer Houston is making headlines with reports claiming he was popped a few days ago in Los Angeles on a driving under the influence charge.

According to reports, the 28 year-old singer was initially pulled over and then arrested by cops.

“I Like That” singer Houston — who famously suffered an emotional breakdown in 2005 and gouged his own eye out with a fork — was arrested this week in L.A. for DUI … and TMZ has obtained his mug shot. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, 28-year-old Houston — full name Houston Summers — was driving erratically near Malibu Wednesday in an older-looking SUV … so cops pulled him over. According to law enforcement, officers approached the vehicle and it smelled of marijuana. When police asked Houston questions, we’re told his answers were incoherent. (TMZ)

The singer was eventually released from jail the following day.

Houston was then placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI. Sources tell TMZ, cops believe Houston was driving under the influence of drugs … not alcohol. The singer was released from jail Thursday. Calls to Houston were not returned. As for Houston’s 2005 breakdown — the singer reportedly first attempted suicide by jumping out of a window while under the influence of PCP. His friends stopped him, but when they locked him in a first-floor room, Houston gouged his eye out with a plastic fork. (TMZ)

He has remained relatively quiet over the past few years, however, is reportedly planning a music comeback.

In June 2009, Houston did another interview with Hoodnews confirming that he was making a comeback, and looking for new management. Houston is currently working on a feature documentary and a new album, a preview of the documentary and a preview of a new song was released on YouTube in 2010. (Wikipedia)

Houston’s mainstream buzz caught fire upon signing to Capitol Records in the mid-2000’s.

Everyone around him was amazed at his performances, and it convinced Houston he had what it took to enter numerous singing contests. A videotape of one of his performances landed at Capitol Records, who were quick to contact and sign the singer. The single I Like That — with guest raps from Chingy, Nate Dogg, and I-20 — was shipped to radio in March of 2004 and immediately started climbing the R&B and mainstream charts. McDonald’s picked the track for a television commercial that featured an on-screen cameo from Justin Timberlake. The commercial was getting plenty of airtime as Houston’s debut full-length, It’s Already Written, hit the streets in August of 2004. (All Music)

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