ESPN Female Reporter Spits Rick Ross Bars, “I Never Thought I’d Be Reciting Rap Lyrics” [Video]

ESPN Female Reporter Spits Rick Ross Bars, “I Never Thought I’d Be Reciting Rap Lyrics” [Video]

America’s love for hip-hop was on national display heading into the weekend when ESPN reporter Heather Cox dropped some Rick Ross bars during a live broadcast.

In a clip currently circulating online, Cox’s Ross lines are heard as she describes NBA star LeBron James‘ love for the “Boss.”

Even during NBA games, Tim Tebow is still talked about. During Friday’s Heat-Nuggets game, ESPN’s Heather Cox began talking about how Heat star player LeBron James identifies with Tim Tebow. Cox then said that James enjoyed listening to a Rick Ross song that included lyrics about Tebow, which she began to say during the broadcast. This might be the most unintentionally funny thing that I have ever heard. It takes talent to turn rap music into the spoken word and Cox must have that. ESPN will try anything to get Tebow mentioned on air, so forcing a LeBron/Tebow comparison on us isn’t that far fetched. (Rant Sports)

Following her recital, Cox admitted this was a first-time occasion.

“Thought I wouldn’t make it, now I’m winning, Timothy Tebow,” she recites, “Fourth quarter I’m back/Fourth quarter, in fact/Fourth quarter, that’s that.” Cox went on to say, “I can honestly say I never thought I’d be reciting rap lyrics during a game.” (ESPN)

Last year, Hollywood actress Gwyneth Patrow spit some N.W.A. lyrics during an interview.

“[Straight Outta Compton?] It’s a classic N.W.A. album,” Paltrow told BBC host Graham Norton before being asked to rap. “You want me to [rap?] There’s one word I can’t say. OK — ‘Yo, here’s a little something about a ‘uh’ like me, never should have been let out the penitentiary/Ice Cube, I like to say that I’m a crazy motherf*cker from around the way/Since I was a youth, I smoked weed out/Now I’m the motherf*cker that you read about.’ [laughs]” (“The Graham Norton Show”)

In the past, fellow actress Lindsay Lohan quoted 50 Cent‘s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ record, “Patiently Waiting,” prior to serving 13 days of a three-month sentence for a violation probation.

“in the words of 50 cent.. ‘You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house and if you got a glass jaw, you should watch yo mouth,” she wote Tuesday (July 13). (Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter)

Check out Heather Cox below:

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