Erykah Badu Gets Kendrick Lamar To Reveal His Top 10 Fave Rappers

Erykah Badu Gets Kendrick Lamar To Reveal His Top 10 Fave Rappers

Grammy-winning singer Erykah Badu recently interviewed rap star Kendrick Lamar and managed to make him spill out his top ten all-time favorite hip-hop artists.

Initially, Badu had Lamar name his top five favorite rappers.

BADU: Okay, top five rappers of all time. Who are they? LAMAR: Oh, man. BADU: I know, it’s hard. I can never answer that question either. They don’t have to be in order. LAMAR: Okay . . . Give me Jay-Z. BADU: Bam. LAMAR: Give me Nas. BADU: I’ll give you that. LAMAR: Give me Tupac. BADU: I might give you Pac. . . LAMAR: Please give me Pac. Also give me Snoop. BADU: Okay, that’s four. LAMAR: And give me B.I.G. BADU: I’ll give you B.I.G. (Interview Magazine)

Lamar quickly mentioned a couple more emcees, which prompted Badu to ask him for three additional all-time faves.

LAMAR: But that leaves off Eminem and AndrĂ© . . . I’d probably formulate the perfect 10 if I really thought about it for a day. BADU: You just named seven. You got three more? LAMAR: Rakim . . . [pauses] Kurupt. BADU: That’s nine. LAMAR: Who would the last one be? Give me Method Man. BADU: I will give you Method Man all day. LAMAR: But it’s a battle because if I say Method Man . . . Will you give me DMX? BADU: Okay. LAMAR: Yeah, give me X. That’s my 10. BADU: And then Meth would be the alternate. I hope y’all get that into Interview magazine. [Lamar laughs] (Interview Magazine)

In March, Lamar admitted he wished his rap idol Nas could have made the g.o.o.d. kid, m.A.A.d city release last year.

“The idea was to have Nas on ‘Sing About Me,'” Lamar tells VIBE exclusively. The 12-minute track – titled “Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst” – that depicts the Compton native juggling various personalities is one of the LP’s highest notes. In trying to finalize the track list, K-Dot says he never got to issue the request for the Queens MC. “I never really got a chance to reach out to him,” explains Lamar. “I was so wrapped up in getting the music done, samples cleared and mastered – there was so much going on.” (VIBE)

Last year, Nas spoke on the overwhelming positive impact Lamar’s LP had on him.

“No disrespect to nobody else in rap music, but Kendrick Lamar. I’m really happy about his record. I needed that. His record reaches you. It gives you hope. …Also, Meek Mill. His energy is amazing. … [New music?] Yes. It has started. I must tell you. I can’t stop now. I’m in a great zone.” (SF Gate)

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