Eric B Blasts Nicki Minaj Over Concert Meet & Greet, Says He Was Disrespected

Eric B Blasts Nicki Minaj Over Concert Meet & Greet, Says He Was Disrespected

Hip-Hop pioneer Eric B. has revealed that recent encounter he had with Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj left him upset and feeling disrespected.

Writing “Go f*ck yourself!” on Twitter yesterday, Eric gave a recap of his encounter with the rap newcomer.

HSK has exclusively learned from legendary rap mogul Eric B that the “Microphone Fiend” producer set out to meet Nicki Minaj, after his daughter let her dad know that she was a fan of Nicki’s mixtapes. So, E.I. hooked up the meeting for Eric B — He tells me that he figured it was the right thing to do for his daughter, so she could get her desired picture of her dad with Nicki. But, the meeting didn’t exactly go as Eric B thought it would have. He says when Nicki met him, she treated him like he jumped over barricades and snuck by security to meet her. Who the f*ck is this b*tch? Nicki actually treated an OG of the rap game like a peasant. WTF? She needs to recognize that she’s a new jack (and a shitty one at that) and bow down to those who started this rap game! But, she didn’t. And that’s exactly why Eric B told Nicki to go f*ck her herself…I would too, wouldn’t you? (Diary Of A Hollywood Street King)

Earlier this week, Jim Jones referenced Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie” saying on Twitter.

“No disrespect but Erykah Badu has a viscious body (donk) an hers is all real no Barbie I c y n*ggaz gt wt her n strt dresn naturAl baduism RT @Missinfo: lol RT @jimjonescapo: ErykahBadu has a vicious body (donk) an hers is all real no Barbie I c y n*ggaz gt wt her n strt dre.” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Southern rapper Khia recently talked about her issues with Minaj.

“She’s in the studio with men writing her sh*t, saying it’s hot, but only because it’s what they want to jack off to,” Khia explained in an interview. “She doesn’t make music for girls. It’s a difference when I say ‘My neck, my back, my p*ssy, my crack,’ because it’s my own. You should be making men bow down. I respect myself. Love yourself, h*e…You can be a feature wh*re and when it’s your time to drop, you’ll have nothing to drop. Your single is horrible, your voice is annoying and they’ve heard it too much. Sit down, contemplate your album and give us something wonderful…I’ll acknowledge she has a hot song, when I write it [laughs]. Sean Garrett wrote [“Massive Attack”]? I think she needs to call me.” (VIBE)

Speaking via a UStream broadcast earlier this month, Minaj said she would continue to ignore her female rap critics.

“I don’t respond to stupidity because I don’t have to,” Minaj said in a video. “I don’t need it for publicity and people that do that, they need it. You guys don’t have to tell me about somebody saying some stupid negative sh*t because all these b*tches are my sons. So, I showed them how to do this. I show y’all how to do this. That’s why y’all yap yap yappity yap. I hear y’all talking. That’s why I occupy my time getting a green piece of paper…So pretty much, I spend so much time counting that green paper that for me to take my time out for stupid, foolish, strawberry shortcake bum b*tches that live on planet bum would almost make me as low on the totem pole as they are. You’ll never hear me say your names. You’ll just keep barking up that tree, and I’ll keep doing what I do. In other news, I want to say though, that, you guys make hip-hop into some real clown sh*t when you feed into that.” (UStream)

Check out Khia talking about Nicki Minaj below:

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