Entertainers Show B.I.G. Love At Notorious Premiere

Entertainers Show B.I.G. Love At Notorious Premiere

Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace, was among the many known faces, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Ciara, who appeared in style last night for the New York City premiere of Notorious.

Joined by the likes of actors including Tyrese Gibson, Anthony Mackie and Derek Luke, the stars reportedly dressed for the occasion.

Angela Bassett proved she was no Bassett Hound in a Polka Dot Dress. The dress had a really busy pattern but the star pulled off the look in spades, with simple hair and jewelry. P. Diddy represented the boys club in a very dapper suit with some serious bling on each ear and to top the night off a casual Mary J. Blige showed up in a cognac leather Jacket, adding a casual twist to the premiere. (Holly Scoop)

Also in attendance was Brooklyn-bred rapper Jamal GravyWoolward who recently explained how he got into character as Biggie.

“I was at 285 [pounds]. I went up to 340. I didn’t have a second chin. I needed that. [As] Notorious he was his heaviest so his patterns of movement was different,” Gravy said.” “[As a younger] B.I. he was harder so he was always snarling. He was younger so he moved faster.” (SOHH)

The film’s director, Bob Teitel, recently said the biopic will aim to offer new perspectives on the late rapper’s life.

“With Sean Puffy’s character and Notorious, you get to see how these two kinda rose to the top with each other, definitely Puffy needed Christopher Wallace and Christoper needed Puffy and as a team they were unstoppable.” (National Public Radio)

Notorious is slated to hit theaters Friday, January 16.

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