Eminem’s “Relapse” Track Listing Leaks

Eminem’s “Relapse” Track Listing Leaks

The tracklisting for Eminem‘s highly-anticipated album Relapse has reportedly leaked online revealing each song and the rapper’s limited guest features.

Providing fans with a combination of music and skits, the project will be packed with 20 cuts.

Relapse tracklist: “Dr. West,” “3am,” “My Mom,” “Insane,” “Bagpipes From Baghdad,” “Hello,” “Tonya (Skit),” “Same Song & Dance,” “We Made You,” “Medicine Ball,” “Paul (Skit),” “Stay Wide Awake,” “Old Time’s Sake” featuring Dr. Dre, “Must Be The Ganja,” “Mr. Mathers,” “Deja Vu,” “Beautiful,” “Crack A Bottle” featuring Dr. Dre & 50 Cent, “Steve Berman (Skit)” and “Underground/Ken Kaniff” (Rap Radar)

Allegedly confirmed by Em’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, the rapper recently hinted at his new album having less features than previous releases.

Relapse 2 will be out towards the end of the year,” Em promised in an interview. “It’s basically, kinda a continuation of Relapse. That’s why it’s Relapse and then Relapse part two. That album is actually, probably, if it’s not finished, it’s extremely close to being finished. I guess it depends on how many more songs I wanna put on it or whatever. I guess that’s up to me…Cameos I have on this album are just Dre and 50.” (Shade 45)

Em recently launched the website PopsompHills.com using rehab concepts to help promote his upcoming album.

Boasting the slogan “We Remade You” — a riff on Relapse’s first single “We Made You” — Popsomp Hills is advertised as a real Bloomfield Hills, Michigan rehab center with a Swiss founder named “Dr. Balzac” in charge. There’s much more weird stuff on the Popsomp Website: By clicking “Learn More,” you’re redirected to the Wikipedia page for “Hell,” the “Terms & Conditions” seem to be enablers (“Life is too short, party harder than ever. We can help”) and links to a multitude of actual rehab options. (Rolling Stone)

Aside from his album, Em will hit the stage in California for the “MTV Movie Awards” next month.

Airing live from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, on Sunday, May 31, at 9 p.m. ET, Eminem will join others scheduled to perform. Andy Samberg will host. On Monday (April 13), viewers will be able to vote online and on their mobile phones to select the nominees for the 18th annual Movie Awards. On May 4, the nominees will officially be announced, and viewers will once again be able to vote for their favorites online and from their mobile phones. (MTV)

Relapse is currently scheduled to hit store shelves Tuesday, May 19.

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