Eminem’s “Relapse” Tarnishes The Alchemist’s Effort, “I Wanted To Throw [My Album] Away”

Eminem’s “Relapse” Tarnishes The Alchemist’s Effort, “I Wanted To Throw [My Album] Away”

Eminem‘s official deejay, The Alchemist, recently spoke on what fans should expect from the upcoming release of Relapse and how it could possibly become an instant classic.

Promising a full release of Dr. Dre beats, Al said Em stepped his rhymes up for each track this time around.

“I just got back from Detroit, was with Em for like three or four days working,” Al explained. “Got a chance to listen to the whole album and man, I love my album and it’s coming out in mid-June, when he played his album I wanted to throw mine away, straight up… Like when he was playing me the album, like, I didn’t wanna say it ’cause I was like thinking of his whole body of work and I was like, ‘This might be some of his best body of work,’ in my opinion. It’s 16 Dr. Dre beats, it’s like Em kinda decided, I’m assuming, when was the last time you heard a full production of Dr. Dre’s music through and through, minus one joint, Em did one joint. The attention Dre put on those beats is the equivalent to the attention Em put on to the writing.” (The Maguire)

Both Em and Al joined forces roughly four years ago.

In 2005, after Eminem’s DJ Green Lantern left the Anger Management 3 tour, the Detroit rapper hired Al as his replacement. In 2006 the Alchemist showcased his work with a pair of mixtapes of previously released and unreleased material, The Chemistry Files and No Days Off. (All Music)

Slim Shady has recently been revealing various aspects of his comeback project.

“There’s two records, there’s Relapse and there’s Relapse 2,” Em explained in an interview. “It’ll be released later this year…The only guest appearance [on Relapse] is Dr. Dre, on this record. The production is all Dr. Dre, except for one song, it’s called ‘Beautiful.’ It’s not out yet…The main theme of the record is a lot to do with me getting sober. Like giving up drugs and also kinda relapsing back into the first two albums, it’s like relapsing back to the first two albums. The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP. It kinda feels like, the way these records feel it’s like, to me, they kinda feel like those two records.” (Skyrock)

To Follow-up the project’s first music video, “We Made You,” Em took a darker path with “3 a.m.”

The rapper’s latest video features Em’s protagonist staying in-tune to the song’s lyrics as he sits alone at night in the woods recalling a likely murder spree he took part in. Appearing shirtless and with bandages, his character slowly begins to remember how he got there thinking back to each victim he killed upon leaving the fictional rehab-based facility Popsomp Hills. All taking place at night, much like most horror films, Em’s video uses dark settings to enhance the ‘scary’ factor while using massive amounts of blood and a before/after effect of how each victim was slain. Similar to his violent-based rhymes from The Marshall Mathers LP, Em’s new video did not feature any main cameos unlike 50 Cent and Dr. Dre’s presence in “We Made You.” (OnSmash)

Relapse is set to hit store shelves Tuesday, May 19 via Interscope Records.

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