Eminem’s “Recovery” Follow-Up Near, Promises Paul Rosenberg

Eminem’s “Recovery” Follow-Up Near, Promises Paul Rosenberg

Rap fans hoping to get their hands on Shady Records head Eminem’s follow-up to 2010’s Recovery solo album will have their wishes met as reports claim his next solo LP is coming together.

While he would not lock-in a specific date, Em’s longtime manager Paul Rosenberg promised the LP would miss a pre-Memorial Day release.

According to Shady president Paul Rosenberg, Eminem, who last Bad Meets Evil’s “Hell: The Sequel” with Royce Da 5’9 in 2011, is “far into the process” of recording his untitled eighth studio album, due after Memorial Day. “We fully expect to be releasing a new Eminem album in 2013. He’s been working on it for some time,” Rosenberg tells Billboard, who was included on this year’s Billboard Power 100 list. “It’s safe to say that it will be post-Memorial Day at some point, but we’re not exactly sure when. We’ve got some dates locked in for him to perform live in Europe in August, so we’re trying to see what else lines up.” (Billboard)

Last August, Slim Shady hinted at his highly-anticipated solo LP coming together.

Thursday night, hours before his special G-Shock performance in New York City, the Detroit rap machine confirmed to MTV News correspondent and Shade 45 radio host Sway Calloway that he is back in album mode. “I’ve actually kinda just started. I’ve been on the move a little bit too, so I’ve [been] in between things, [sneaking] songs in here and there,” Em said during a radio interview flanked by Shady’s new super-group Slaughterhouse. “We actually just finished the [Slaughterhouse] album last week… Now I’ve got time to be able to start doing things for my own project.” (MTV)

A month prior, Em revealed beginning work alongside renowned producer Dr. Dre for his follow-up LP.

“Yeah, of course he’ll be involved,” he said. “I usually get going and kind of start going a certain direction and just record what I’m feeling. Then I’ll go see Dre and fill in some of those pieces.” (Shade 45)

In May, Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 spilled the beans on Marshall Mathers’ return to new music-making.

“Em is fantastic,” Royce said in an interview with radio personalityTim Westwood. “He’s in the studio right now, in between mixing our stuff and working on his solo stuff. He’s keeping hisself real busy.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

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