Eminem’s Manager Buries Lady Rumors: “They Just Start Making Stuff Up”

Eminem’s Manager Buries Lady Rumors: “They Just Start Making Stuff Up”

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg has reportedly come forward to nix rumors and speculation connecting Slim Shady to a Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga collaboration hype.

According to Rosenberg, there is no truth behind the new track record buzz.

Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg has taken to Twitter to deny reports that the rapper is planning a duet with Lady Gaga. Slim Shady, who is currently working on new material, was rumoured to have recorded a collaboration titled ‘Street Lights’ with the singer and fellow hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar. However Rosenberg has quashed these reports, writing: “People don’t hear from Marshall for a spell and they just start making stuff up. Thirsty world.” (NME)

Rumors of the star-studded collaboration recently heated up the Internet.

The ballyhoo began when several music sites reported that Slim had talked up the team-up with MTV RapFix, telling them he had cut “a crazy record with Gaga and Kendrick.” Em purportedly described the tune as “real upbeat” and said it would surface after the sophomore album by the hip-hop supergroup Slaughterhouse. (AOL Music)

Last year, singer Skylar Grey claimed Em had her replace Lady Gaga on their “I Need A Doctor” record.

Along with Dre, Skylar has Eminem to thank for her continued success, even going to bat for her when she penned the hook to “I Need a Doctor” and the label attempted to swap her vocals for Lady Gaga’s. “Somebody in the room suggested we get Lady Gaga to sing the hook on ‘I Need a Doctor’ and [Eminem] stood up for me and said no, because he wanted to keep my voice on the song,” she says. “That was a big thing for me because had I not kept my voice on ‘I Need a Doctor,’ who knows where I’d be right now.” She continues, “After the Grammy Awards performance of that song, alot of things changed for me. It really changed my life. It provided a great platform for me, and I’m forever grateful for Eminem and Dr. Dre.” Skylar revealed that she had 6500 more Twitter followers in the immediate minutes that followed that fateful Grammy performance. (Hip Hop DX)

Slim Shady recently revealed his dedication to building up his record label.

“Nah, I don’t really have any plans to do that as of yet,” Em revealed in an interview when asked if he would return to the big screen in the near future. “I’ve been really into the music, with everything right now. Like, I’ve been really focused on that and trying to, I guess, get the label back where, to a place we want it to be again and things like that.” (Channel 955)

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