Eminem’s Jumbo Shrimp, Peanut Butter & Cheddar Cheese Tour Demands Revealed

Eminem’s Jumbo Shrimp, Peanut Butter & Cheddar Cheese Tour Demands Revealed

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem is making headlines this week as he prepares for an international tour with his backstage demands surfacing online.

The “Rap God’s” tour rider is making its rounds online and shows him wanting a strict line-up of non-alcoholic delights.

The 41-year-old singer from the US city of Detroit, who once nearly died of a drug overdose, now has a squeaky-clean and booze-free backstage rider. However, the razor-tongued musician, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, refuses to compromise on the quality of his pickles. Eminem advises concert promoters that only pickles by the premier German brand Gundelsheim will suffice in his backstage dressing rooms. Other items required by the rapper include low-fat yoghurt, peanut butter, jumbo shrimps and Swiss mild cheddar cheese. He also insists on dumbbells backstage. (Channel 24)

Reports also claim Slim Shady is swaying away from media and press talks prior to sparking his overseas journey.

Eminem has refused media interviews in the run-up to the SA leg of his Rapture 2014 Tour, which kicks off at the Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday, 26 February before heading to Joburg’s Ellis Park Stadium on Saturday, 1 March. (Channel 24)

Recently, Detroit producer Mark Bass, who co-owns the legendary F.B.T. studio, revealed Em had started to lay down new tunes for a D12 reunion album.

F.B.T. has hosted work by artists such as Eminem, D12, T.I. and the Dramatics, and now serves mostly as a personal musical playground for Mark Bass and his assorted projects, including an upcoming album of Motown cover songs by George Clinton. Bass, who has started a label called Motunes Media, says he’s also been mixing new material by the mercurial funk-pop giant Sly Stone with members of the original Family Stone band, along with new D12 tracks, including three with Eminem. (Detroit Free Press)

A few years ago, Em discussed his aim for a D12 reunion album.

“Right now, my music would probably be the same [if Proof was still alive,” Em explained in an interview. “I think this is what Proof always wanted, was for me to go crazy again. My life would be different because I would still have him. Me and the guys, we got a bond, it’s special. It’s like, as far as the future of D12, we’re gonna be back in the studio soon.” (Rap City Special)

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