Eminem’s Hollywood Comeback Flick Laces Back Up

Eminem’s Hollywood Comeback Flick Laces Back Up

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem’s previously shelved Southpaw flick is reportedly back in the works with movie director Antoine Fuqua firmly behind it.

Although it is still uncertain if Em will still star in it, Fuqua has confirmed the movie is back in production.

While there’s nothing set in stone, the next project for Fuqua is “Southpaw,” the boxing drama that’s bounced around the development timeline for quite awhile now, and once had Eminem linked to the lead role. Fuqua explains, “‘Southpaw’ was with DreamWorks, that’s when I got the job. Then Em had to go do his music, so we paused it for awhile.” Without confirming whether Eminem is still involved, he says, “I have a great passion for that project, and I met with [Steven] Spielberg about it, and I loved it. The timing of that didn’t work up. And I spoke with Harvey Weinstein, and he loved it from the beginning. So I said, let’s do it. So he went over and talked to them, and Harvey has it now. We’re looking at different casts and I’m looking to be doing that at the end of the summer.” (The Playlist)

Last summer, Em revealed he did not plan on making a Hollywood comeback just yet.

“Nah, I don’t really have any plans to do that as of yet,” Em revealed in an interview when asked if he would return to the big screen in the near future. “I’ve been really into the music, with everything right now. Like, I’ve been really focused on that and trying to, I guess, get the label back where, to a place we want it to be again and things like that.” (Channel 955)

A year prior, Slim Shady was expected to take on a huge role in Southpaw.

Eminem’s planned return to screen acting just took one on the jaw. Southpaw, a story scripted by Kurt Sutter (“Sons of Anarchy”) that would star the rapper as a lefty boxer whose life and career fall prey to tragedy, was picked up as a pitch by DreamWorks last year. But the studio today cut the project loose. Sutter and attached director Antoine Fuqua (himself a one-time Golden Gloves fighter) are free to take it elsewhere. (Slash Film)

The Academy Award-winning rapper previously said he simply wanted to wait until the right script landed in his hands.

“There are some things in the [works], a couple of scripts,” Eminem answered. “I guess it’s more so of just waiting now to see how they come together. Obviously it’s gotta be something that I feel is dope enough to make me want to say, ‘OK, let me put the mic down for a second and go do this movie.’ There are some things that are in the works. I guess we’ll just see how they come together.” (RapFix)

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