Eminem’s First “Recovery” Single Revealed, Rapper To Release “Not Afraid” This Week

Eminem’s First “Recovery” Single Revealed, Rapper To Release “Not Afraid” This Week

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem will reportedly release the first single from his upcoming album, Recovery, sometime this week.

Based off reports and his Twitter page, the premiere single is called “Not Afraid.”

Just got word from the powers that be that Eminem’s first single “Not Afraid” off Recovery is scheduled to drop sometime this week. Don’t get scared, now. (Rap Radar)

Additional reports suggest the track will debut on Friday (April 30) and is produced by Jim Jonsin.

Now that (what was once) Relapse 2 has started to take the shape of a full body of work, they’ve decided a name-change will reflect that this is now a project that can stand on its own, but is still somehow linked to Em’s last album. The first single is produced by Jim Jonsin, and as of right now, the album also has production by Just Blaze, Boi-1da and DJ Khalil. (Nah Right)

Jonsin recently talked about working with Em for the new album.

“He was open to ideas,” Jonsin revealed in an interview. “He was real respectful to my craft. He let me do what I do. He asked me ideas on some of the lyrics. We had ideas for lyric changes. Certain words may or may not work on radio. We talked about that. He had a setup outside of the room to do production, but I’d rather be in the room where he was at, and he was cool with that. And I knocked out a couple of joints in there while he was in there with me. He was pretty open and he let me do my thing. He did his thing. It was a pretty good experience…We touched on something that I haven’t done anything like that before.” (MTV)

Earlier this month, Em released a statement regarding the album’s release.

“I had originally planned for Relapse 2 to come out last year, “Eminem said via the statement. “But as I kept recording and working with new producers, the idea of a sequel to Relapse started to make less and less sense to me, and I wanted to make a completely new album. The music on ‘Recovery’ came out very different from ‘Relapse,’ and I think it deserves its own title.” (Billboard)

Check out a past Eminem interview below:

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