Eminem Vouches For Run-DMC At Hall Of Fame, “None Of Us Would Be Here Without Them” [Video]

Eminem Vouches For Run-DMC At Hall Of Fame, “None Of Us Would Be Here Without Them” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem officially inducted Run-DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over the weekend and spoke on the group’s impact on his career.

Taking place in Cleveland, Shady summarized their achievements while hinting at what aspects of their music inspired him as an emcee.

“Two turntables and a microphone,” Em told the crowd. “That’s all it took to change the world. Three kings from Queens made rap music in a b-boy stance a global phenomenom. Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels and Jason Mizell crowned themselves the ‘Kings of Rock,’ better known as Run-DMC. I was only 11 y ears old when I heard their hard beats and bold rhymes and it was something about the big drums and strong raps that grabbed hold of my ears and changed my life…They made me realize you could write your own rules, which is something that inspires me as well as every other rap artist constantly. None of us would be here without them.” (Fuse Live)

Upon being inducted, surviving members Run and DMC addressed the audience.

“We were young guys with a new music that people thought was a fad, but we knew the culture was a way of life and we just lived it,” McDaniels said. “The music that we made then didn’t just impact friends, it impacted a generation. So I guess that’s what rock and roll does.” (Billboard)

The rap group are the latest addition of rare hip-hop artists inducted.

Run-DMC becomes just the second rap act named to the Hall, following Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five in 2006. Surviving members Joseph “Run” Simmons and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels will perform at the event on April 4 for the first time since the 2002 murder of group member Jam Master Jay. (SOHH)

Aside from Em, other music pioneers were billed to present.

Run-DMC will be inducted by Eminem, Jeff Beck will be inducted by Jimmy Page and Ron Wood will induct Bobby Womack. Metallica will be inducted by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Little Anthony & the Imperials will be inducted by Smokey Robinson. (Associated Press)

Check out Eminem inducting Run-DMC below:

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