Eminem Stirs Ruckus In Scotland, Refuses “To Walk 40 Feet To Stage”

Eminem Stirs Ruckus In Scotland, Refuses “To Walk 40 Feet To Stage”

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem stirred a brief ruckus this weekend in Scotland as weather conditions forced him to demand transportation to the performance stage of his T In The Park set.

According to reports, bad weather conditions forced Em to take serious safety precautions.

Eminem reportedly refused to walk 40ft to the stage for his headlining performance at T In The Park yesterday. The rapper, 37, is alleged to have been concerned that he would get mud on his trainers and demanded transportation to take him to the stage. According to the Sunday Mail, organisers had to rush to hire a coach for him. He then walked to the coach with plastic bags on his feet. (Digital Spy)

The delay forced Em to keep fans waiting for over nearly an hour.

The stroppy Slim Shady star was 40 minutes late on the main stage because he would not walk across a muddy road to get there. Instead, T in the Park organisers were forced to hire a coach to transport the tough-guy rapper in case his trainers got dirty. Eminem, 37, walked from his dressing room to the coach with plastic bags round his feet. The driver turned right, drove 40ft, and stopped to let his delicate passenger off again. But neither the headliner hold-up nor the rain could dampen the spirits of the massive crowd. (Daily Record)

While at the event, Em performed new records from his latest album, Recovery.

The undoubted star of the show, Eminem keeps fans waiting. And waiting. And waiting. After a near half hour wait the lights go up and the Detroit rapper emerges in spectacular form from the floor of the Main Stage. Arriving to a hero’s welcome Eminem proves that rap can exist as a stadium commodity. Deeply ingrained in American culture, the Detroit star’s music nonetheless transgresses such trifling difficulties as the Atlantic ocean. Playing the bulk of new album ‘Recovery’ the rapper finishes with a medley of classic hits when Eminem seemed to throw grenades in American culture with almost carefree style. (Clash Music)

His new album has already sold over a million copies in just 14 days.

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem’s Recovery remained at No. 1 this week with 313,300 sold copies. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the rap star’s latest effort has sold 1,057,700 records in 14 days. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out Eminem speaking on Recovery below:

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