Eminem Saves Dr. Dre From Death, “You’re Supposed To Be My F*cking Mentor” [Video]

Eminem Saves Dr. Dre From Death, “You’re Supposed To Be My F*cking Mentor” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem comes to the rescue for Dr. Dre, who faces death in this week’s music video premiere of “I Need A Doctor”.

The video begins as  Dre’s entire music career and personal life flashes before his eyes.

Full of images from Dre’s early days with N.W.A., it metaphorically imagines the life, death and rebirth of the elder statesman of West Coast hip-hop. “I Need a Doctor” begins with Dre standing atop a cliff, staring out at an ocean Inception-style, before cutting to fleeting, impressionistic snapshots of his earlier videos, spanning from N.W.A. to his Death Row days up to the Aftermath era with his protégé Eminem. After Dre endures a horrific car crash and finds himself on life support, Eminem raps about how he’d never have made it without the Good Doctor’s help and guidance. At one point, Dre even seems to appear in a bacta tank, the recuperative fluid-chamber Luke Skywalker takes a dive in The Empire Strikes Back. (Entertainment Weekly)

Following the near-fatal car crash, Dre is assisted by doctors and his protege, Eminem.

At 7:31, the Allan Hughes-directed clip for “Doctor” features a narrative arc, as Dre’s life and musical past flashes before his eyes right before he is involved in a spectacular car crash on a freeway. “Years later,” medical doctors are still examining the comatose rapper while Eminem makes a verbal plea to revitalize his hip-hop boss. “You’re supposed to be my f–king mentor/I can endure, no more and demand that you remember who you are,” Em raps to Dre, who is floating unconscious in a water-filled tube. Dr. Dre eventually works himself back into fighting form during his verse, and the end of the clip features an emotional twist as the rapper visits the gravestone of former N.W.A. partner Eric “Eazy E” Wright. Skylar Grey, who performed “I Need a Doctor” with the pair of rappers at the Grammy Awards, appears as a ghostly figure in the video to sing the hook. (Billboard)

The song stems from Dre’s upcoming Detox solo album, which is slated to drop in April.

Dr. Dre’s eagerly anticipated album “Detox” has been given yet another release date, however the date happens to be 1st April… Now, on the official website of the producer/rapper, there is an image of the single artwork which has been redesigned along with the text “Album Available 4.1.2011.” Of course this is April’s Fools Day so it could well be a joke but for now it seems that April is the month that “Detox” will finally be made available. (M Is For Music)

Prior to an Interscope Records representative’s denial, Dre’s album was speculated to come out in mid-April.

Dr. Dre fans can finally exhale. After a decade of waiting for Detox, the hip-hop icon has announced his album’s release date in a rather anticlimactic way. Producer Just Blaze posted a video of himself in the studio with the Doc. While Blaze plugged his artist Saigon’s project, Dre revealed the date many doubted would ever come. “4/20, baby. 4/20, I’m comin’,” said The Chronic rapper, referring to April 20, the pot smokers’ holiday. You may notice that 4/20 is a Wednesday, a day later than the traditional Tuesday release in the U.S. When asked why Dre opted to miss a day of the sales week, Just Blaze responded on Twitter, saying, “We talked about that. [I’m] sure the publicity and hype of the date release would make up for the lost day.” (Rap-Up)

Check out Dr. Dre’s “I Need A Doctor” music video down below:

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