Eminem Reheats Charles Hamilton’s Lava, Sparks Rap Career Comeback [Audio]

Eminem Reheats Charles Hamilton’s Lava, Sparks Rap Career Comeback [Audio]

Troubled rapper Charles Hamilton is reportedly back to take control of his elusive hip-hop career with help from Grammy-winner Eminem as heard on their new “I Don’t Care” record.

While details are still coming together, the new track surfaced online Thursday (July 5).

Harlem rapper Charles Hamilton is back and trying to put his fall from rap grace behind him with the new track “I Don’t Care.” Apparently co-produced by the rapper’s idol Eminem, the song is an enticing preview for his new release Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic, which is scheduled to drop July 7. For Hamilton, it’s a return to hazy, crackly smoothness. “For those that thought they knew me/ Say hello to the one who you thought was the new me,” he raps over a laid-back, booming beat. “Success would be thought of as awesome, usually/ But when I talk to dudes, you’ll confuse me.” (Rapfix)

Earlier this year, West Coast rapper Blu talked to SOHH about Hamilton needing to come back strong.

“I would say Charles Hamilton needs to put all of his controversy into music instead of putting it out into the media,” Blu told SOHH when asked what words of wisdom he has for Charles. “His personality speaks so much. I think if he would put that into his music, it would help his music speak louder. He’s a dope brother though.” (SOHH)

In 2010, Chicago rapper Rhymefest told SOHH he believed Hamilton had to find happiness.

“I mean, I don’t have anything against the brother, like, I don’t hardball, I just feel like you diss me, I diss you,” Fest told SOHH referring to his past beef with Hamilton. “That’s just the way it is, I don’t hold no animosity but I see the brother is punishing himself. You know what I’m saying? He thinks there’s something, he may think it’s something Jesus-like in the self-sacrificing that he’s doing, but he’s punishing himself and he has to […] to decide to stop doing that, not just with me but with everything. With the J-Dilla [rumor], the girl he hit on — all the stuff, I kinda feel empathy, I think that would be the correct word, not sympathy but empathy, I’m like man bro, whatever depression, he gotta find happiness and stop punishing himself.” (SOHH)

Last year, Hamilton inked an open letter to let fans know about some of his past mistakes and regrets.

“If there’s any statement I would like to make, I want to grossly apologize to my mother for my treatment of her for the last 7-9 years,” he wrote in a letter. “And if we rewind a bit, I owe her about 12 years worth of apologies. I’m not worthy of the acclaim, so I’m not going for it anymore. If there’s another song from me, it’s not coming from the place it was once being projected from. Maybe jail did teach me a lesson. But I still have no right to treat my mother like she’s a stranger. I kinda don’t want to be on Facebook anymore after typing such, so if I’m slow to reply, you know why. So here’s the low down on the new music. Written is 2 albums, and the final L Word. “My Heart” is out of my hands (get it now?), and one of the albums has a really deep title… F*ck it. “Hamilton” … I will not comment on any artist(s), because I’m not in a space to say anything about them. Therefore, wait until you hear the new music to hear what I really ahve to say. I hate the color orange. If you’ve been to jail, you know why.” (Where Is Charles Hamilton)

Check out “I Don’t Care” below:

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