Eminem Puts Just Blaze Into Character, “I Just Got Tapped To Play Ken Kaniff”

Eminem Puts Just Blaze Into Character, “I Just Got Tapped To Play Ken Kaniff”

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has reportedly chosen producer Just Blaze to play the role of fictional Slim Shady character ‘Ken Kaniff’ in a music video.

Blaze broke the news via Twitter Tuesday (June 15) morning.

“i just got tapped to play Ken Kaniff in the next @eminem video.#awesommme [||],” he wrote. (Just Blaze’s Twitter)

Last weekend, Eminem said he was still in the process of filming his “No Love” music video.

“We got Wayne‘s verse filmed before he went away luckily. Gotta shoot the rest of a “No Love” video real soon. Keep your head up Weezy!” (Eminem’s Twitter)

Em’s ‘Ken Kaniff’ character is widely known for being featured on his albums.

The homosexual persona of Ken Kaniff is the creation of underground Detroit rapper Aristotle. After lending his voice to a skit on The Slim Shady LP, a dispute between Eminem and Aristotle led to the break-up of the working relationship. From the Marshall Mathers LP onwards, all skits using the Ken Kaniff persona have been performed by Eminem, not Aristotle – usually in an attempt to poke fun. (Wiki Answers)

Earlier this month, Em debuted his “Not Afraid” music video on the Internet.

Eminem’s “Not Afraid” music video has been out for full viewing pleasure. The Slim Shady is seen standing on the rooftop of a skyscraper, looking down the street. In one point, he is seen throwing himself from the edge of a destroyed road. “The overall concept is basically just being in a dark place and trying to get to the light,” Eminem previously said in an interview with Skyrock FM in Paris. The music video is directed by Rich Lee and was partly filmed on the streets of Newark, New Jersey in early May. (Ace Showbiz)

Just Blaze has also contributed to the production of Eminem’s upcoming Recovery album.


Just Blaze has since released a tweet claiming he was merely joking.

“Ken kaniff was the nasty flaming c*ckboy loving prank calling fruitcake. What I look like… Ugggghhhhhhhh.”

Check out a recent Just Blaze interview down below:

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