Eminem On 50 Cent Bond: “Ever Since We Started Making Music W/ Fif, It Was Like A Mutual Respect Thing” [Audio]

Eminem On 50 Cent Bond: “Ever Since We Started Making Music W/ Fif, It Was Like A Mutual Respect Thing” [Audio]

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem recently discussed his close-knit bond with longtime friend/rapper 50 Cent and why their relationship is deeper than collaborations.

With over ten years in the rap game together, Slim talked about his respect for Fif’s grind and also acknowledged his business skills.

“Ever since we started making music with Fif, it was kind of like a mutual respect thing and we became friends outside of the music,” Em said in an interview referring to his bond with 50. “If you put the music aside, we can just talk about [anything], you know what I’m saying? 50 is very big on the business aspect in his career. I would consider him a smart businessman. Not saying that I’m not, but I don’t get into as much of the technical aspect in the business sense. Like, I have no idea what’s going on. Ever. I don’t even know where I’m at right now.” (Channel 955)

Back in 2009, G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid discussed past plans for Em and Fif to link up for a joint album.

“They been talking about that sh*t for years,” he said in an interview. “We even talked about it in the mixtape format. It’s an incredible situation [that] I hope one day goes down. Who wouldn’t want to see that? I don’t know what they gonna call that. I remember Em joked about that, ‘Let’s call it Ebony and Ivory.’ Society is gonna have to force these guys to do it…the scheduling, Em’s album, 50’s album, it’s all scheduling. We’ve talked about it the last three, four years..They naturally grew into a family-type bond. 50 hangs more with Eminem and he’s more connected with Eminem than [Dr.] Dre.” (MTV)

Back in May, 50 revealed Em’s concern when he got hospitalized for food poisoning.

“I’m in a dead serious moment like, ‘D*mn, I don’t believe this is happenin’ right now,’ ” Fif said recalling the moments before Slim Shady phoned him. “He goes, ‘Yo Fif, you were shot nine times man if you die over a burger, this sh– ain’t gonna go right. People ain’t gonna be feelin’ this.'” (RapFix)

Em made headlines this week after being the first person to reach 60 million Facebook fans.

So you think you know who’s the most followed celebrity in the industry? Well! Think again. In an era when Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are the most talked about stars, rapper Eminem becomes the first star to have over sixty million fans on facebook. (Fashion N Style)

Check out Eminem’s interview below:

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