Eminem Makes Unexpected Announcement, “There Is No Relapse 2″

Eminem Makes Unexpected Announcement, “There Is No Relapse 2″

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has lived up to his promise and announced there will not be a Relapse 2 album.

Although brief, Em inked the unexpected message on his Twitter account early Wednesday (April 14) morning.

As promised, the rapper returned with a bombshell which he tweeted. However, instead of giving update on the status of the album, the legendary rapper threw fans for a loop when he tweeted “There is no Relapse 2.” This latest development fuels online speculation that Eminem could be working on a new album that is not aimed to follow up his 2009 effort “Relapse.” (Icon Vision)

The rapper’s previous message suggested he had a “big” announcement to make.

Just over a year ago, Eminem revealed his comeback plans with the announcement of two albums set for 2009, Relapse and Relapse 2. While Slim Shady delivered on Relapse, its follow-up was postponed from the second half of ’09 to TBA 2010 to make way for his Relapse: Refill reissue late last year. However, Eminem made a rare appearance on Twitter yesterday (March 29) to give fans a message — “Don’t worry. Some big news is coming. Soon” — perhaps hinting that there may finally be some movement on the Relapse 2 front. (Rolling Stone)

Last month, D12‘s Bizarre said Eminem recruited his hometown rap crew for the upcoming Relapse 2 album.

“We’re still recording the third album, and we just finished a song on Relapse 2 for Marshall’s album,” Bizarre said via phone. Tentatively titled “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” Bizarre says the collaboration shows that despite major losses such as the death of co-founding member Proof, nothing can keep the group down. “We’re still family, but everybody’s got their own situations going on,” he added. “No matter what y’all do, you can’t hold D12 down. We’ve been through a lot of sh*t, but we’re still gonna come back and recover.” (Hip Hop DX)

Producer Just Blaze recently said there was still more work to be done on the project.

“[The album], it’s getting there, but we still got a lot of work. So I wish I could stay [in Miami] longer,” Blaze said in an interview. “As far as what’s going on in Detroit, a lot of good music is being made. He’s really back spitting. The wordplay is crazy, the metaphors are crazy. He’s really back on his game. He had his ups, he had his downs, he’s back way, way, way up. This is definitely going to be up there with the best of his albums, for sure, for sure. The fact that he’s branched out working with a lot of different people now, collaborating in a lot of different ways that he never has before, I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people.” (MTV)

Check out a past Eminem interview below:

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