Eminem Makes Big Sean Feel Like A “Lil-A** Boy” After Detroit Hook-Up

Eminem Makes Big Sean Feel Like A “Lil-A** Boy” After Detroit Hook-Up

G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean recently talked about linking up with Detroit icon Eminem for an in-studio session and how the experience brought him back to his pre-teen days.

Before delving into the experience of seeing his role model in-person, Sean detailed the flashbacks he went through alongside Em.

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper is confident that the collaboration will be one for the history books, but it wasn’t only the music that made their recording session a memorable one. “Being in the studio, I just remembered when my mom bought me his [first] album from Costco or something a long-ass time ago, so you could just imagine going from that moment — being a lil-ass boy — then fast forwarding 20 years later and being in the studio with him,” he explained. “We talked for a few hours before we even worked on music. I was telling him my stories about how we were performing all around downtown Detroit and [it turned out that] he was performing in the same places.” (MTV)

B.I. also admitted they both shared stories about the same Detroit rise to fame.

Though Sean is still early in his career compared to Eminem’s decade-plus run, the two found that they’d already shared many similar experiences. “It was funny because every story I told him about how I lost a lot of friends, relationships and girls…and [how I’ve] made new friends, he was like, ‘Man, it’s crazy, because every story you telling me, I got the exact same story just in a different way.’ ” (MTV)

Around mid-May, Sean talked about Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 also being there with them.

“It was crazy just coming from Detroit. We sat and talked for a couple of hours, even before we did anything musically,” Sean revealed in an interview. “So, I was just telling them how much–how crazy it is man coming from The D. Them was the superstars. Them was the heroes in rap music. And they showed me that you can be worldwide. Cause it was always local heroes, but obviously one of the biggest rappers in the world is from Detroit. It was a big deal there. It was an honor man, straight up.” (NBC Nitecap)

The G.O.O.D rapper sparked some anticipation for an Em collaboration with the in-studio photo in late April.

“Today was historical http://instagram.com/p/YlZpfDj2tT/,” Sean tweeted Friday (April 26), with an Instagram shot with him next to Em. (Big Sean’s Twitter)

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