Eminem Labels Odd Future Boundary Pushers, “The Dudes Can Rhyme”

Eminem Labels Odd Future Boundary Pushers, “The Dudes Can Rhyme”

Add Eminem to the latest list of co-signs West Coast rap newcomers Odd Future have received as Slim Shady calls the collective boundary pushers.

While Em feels he still needs to hear more Odd tracks before making a full judgement, from what he has already heard, their future is looking pretty bright.

“I think that from the stuff that I’ve heard — I haven’t heard a lot from them, I still have to go check out everything that they’re doing — but I’ve heard enough to know that it feels like they’re pushing boundaries and buttons, and that’s definitely one of the things that I’m familiar with, especially when I first came out — I love it, I love the fact that they’re doing that. And the dudes can rhyme.” (MTV)

In April, Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I hit up SOHH to share his assessment on Odd Future and other West Coast newcomers.

“Odd Future has a crazy cult following, big shows, high-energy sh*t when they’re on stage,” Crooked I told SOHH. “It’s a good thing. I look at people like that, groups like that, groups like Pav Div, Dom Kennedy, Blu, Kendrick Lamar, Horseshoe Gang. I look at all the emerging acts on the West Coast right now and I see how it’s going to form and I see who the new kings of the West Coast are going to be and who the new guys are that are going to represent and take it to another level. It’s a good thing because for a minute there, we was trapped in some f*cking Chevy and Chuck Taylors. That’s not no disrespect, but that ain’t the West Coast right now. We was trapped in that time warp and couldn’t get out of that sh*t. The public wouldn’t even let us out but now I’m seeing these new acts coming out and things are working out like they’re supposed to. It’s a great representation of 2011 West Coast sh*t out there right now.” (SOHH)

Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator recently expressed his mission to explode onto the mainstream.

“I’m hungry for greatness,” Tyler said in an interview. “I want to be great, I want to be an icon. I want when I die, I want people to cry — I’m hungry for VMA’s and Grammy’s, that’s what I’m hungry for. You know? F*ck this underground bullsh*t…Greatness is a different definition to different people…Greatness if the f*cking song that I wrote last week, somebody might not find that great but it’s great to me. And that’s all that matters, what the f*ck I think in my head — Greatness to me is finally getting my video played on MTV. It’s on there now and I’m f*cking, I’m happy. I finally got my sh*t on f*cking MTV and some people may think that’s selling out or whatever but I don’t really give a f*ck. That’s f*cking great to me. I’m proud of myself. I’ve been wanting that since I was seven years old and I finally got that sh*t. Hard works pays the f*ck off.” (The Drone)

According to Soulja Boy Tell Em, he has plans to link up with Odd Future.

“Shouts out to Tyler, the Creator, he’s chill,” Soulja Boy said in an interview. “Shouts out to Taco. I chill with Taco in L.A. Shouts out to the whole Odd Future. The Super 3 from Odd Future, they produced a couple tracks from my last mixtape [1UP]. They doin’ they thang and they doin’ it originally from the ground up without the label, so salute…They already reached out for me to do a verse on a song. I just gotta do it — They mess with [West Coast rapper] Lil B. I mess with Lil B. I’d do a song with them.” (Rap-Up)

Check out a recent Odd Future interview below:

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